16 Cringeworthy Sex Stories That Will Scare You Away From The Bedroom

16 Cringeworthy Sex Stories That Will Scare You Away From The Bedroom

By Metro UK on January 12, 2016
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Sure, sex is meant to be this insanely hot and fun activity.

But no matter how experienced you are, or how well you know your partner, really awkward situations arise a lot in the bedroom.

People on Whisper have been sharing some of their extremely cringeworthy sex stories, from people (and pets) walking in at the most inopportune moments, to screaming the wrong name in the heat of the moment.

Read on at your own peril: you may wish to never have sex again.

1. He tried to pull me on top but accidentally threw me half way across the room. After the shock wore off we carried on. 

2. His finger slipped and his nail cut me so badly I needed two stitches. And he needed new sheets.

3. My mom walking in with a camera…

4. The cat walking in and just sitting there staring, silently judging.

5. When my ex said ‘I love you grandma.’

6. During sex he stopped to complain I was too sweaty.

7. I was pulling her hair while doggy style and her weave came out. 

8. As soon as he laid on top of me, I farted and he lost his boner.

9. My boyfriend’s dog jumped on to his bed and tried to hump me while I was on top of my boyfriend. 

10. He stopped to check his Clash of Clans [game] notifications mid-f*ck.

11. My boyfriend’s (now husband) autistic cousin came bursting into the room and insisted on holding his hand.

12. He lost a condom in me… thank god he found it later.

13. Was riding a guy and threw up on him because I was so drunk.

14. Hair caught on fire because [I was] trying to be romantic with candles.

15. When my braces cut his balls.

16. She made a goat noise as she came.

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