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17 Questions Men Are Dying To Ask Women But Don’t Know How

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Ladies! If you think guys are hard to figure out, guess what? They’re just as confused as you. Don’t believe us?

Keep reading ahead as the guys get candid and spill the beans on what’s bothering inside their head. And guys, there’s more for you inside because we got the ladies talking to give you the perfect clarification to your queries. So here it is – 17 questions guys are dying to ask you, gals.1) “Why do you take so much time to get ready?”
Men go by the theory of – If I can get ready in 5 minutes. Why can’t you!

Because, hello! “You don’t have to match your dress to the right shade of fuchsia lipstick. We do, says Kritika Manchanda, author and professional blogger. It’s not that we do it on purpose, ‘but time just moves faster when we are getting pretty’ explains Anuradha.

2) “Why do you ask so many questions?”
You could give Delhi Police a run for their money with your interrogation, complains every second man.
To be very clear, women want to understand the situation in detail, so that we can give our expert opinion. Don’t you want one? Answer my question!

3) “Why do I need to remember your dog’s birthday?”
Remembering your birthday is quite a task for him, so why the extra burden, gals!
Women keeps in mind every single date – your birthday, your mom’s, dad’s, best friend’s, first date, second date, the day you were late for that dinner date, the day you missed texting her ‘good morning’. Each and every thing! Doesn’t “caring about things I care about” mean anything to you, guys?!

4) “Why does my ex keep trying to be my friend?”
Men find it utterly confusing to see their EX trying to be extra friendly. Stop messing with his mind and heart, ladies!!!
It’s as simple as it looks – she has feelings for you. Or she might just be bored and lonely as Anu, a pharmaceutical professional notes.

5) “Why don’t you appreciate my boy’s night outs?”
Why should gals have all the fun? Of course, boys want to have fun too (but without you)!
Because secretly women don’t want you to have more fun than you have with them.

6) #FlirtAlert “Why don’t you introduce me to THAT beautiful friend of yours?”
Jo tera hai, woh mera hai! My friends are your friends. So your beautiful friend should be my friend too, grieves every guy-who’ve-been-deprived-of-introduction-to-your-beautiful-friend
It’s not that women are insecure. A guy’s loyalty is the most prized possession for a girl. And she doesn’t want to share her prize because she knows you’ll start flirting with her!

7) “What’s the best way to approach an attractive woman?”
Tried and tested every lame idea, men need help!
Guys keep your mind open, women wants you to be genuine, decent and smell good and please DON”T be a showoff. Simplicity speaks for itself, as Anuradha puts it.

8) “What part of a guy’s body does women like the most?”
Men have body insecurities too, you know!
Brain! So use it often, suggests every women. Of course, apart from smile, hands and well toned shoulders.

9) “Do women care whether we trim?”
Girl: Yes. Guy: Trims hair. Girl: No. Guy: Screw the razor *face becomes a jungle*
Notably, most women care about how and when you trim. For some, it’s about ‘life and death’, for some it doesn’t always matter. But when we need you men to be presentable, you NEED to be presentable. And for rest of us ‘looking tidy is good enough a deal.”

10) “How can I ask my girlfriend to be more adventurous in bed?”
Everyone’s tongue-tied in this matter.
Women who are more of an obedient and submissive participant in the bedroom speaks out and says, ‘don’t ask. Show. Take her in your subtle control. Or better still ‘give her 50 Shades of Grey and then ask her to explain it to you practically,’ suggests Kritika. And if both doesn’t lead to any excitement then ‘talk to her. Tell her you love what you guys are already doing but you’d like to try more fun and adventurous,’ points out Firdaus Shaikh, motor enthusiast and automobile writer.

11) “How long should I wait to call a woman after she’s given me her number?”
Time’s ticking. Can’t. Wait. Any. Longer!
On average, women wants you to wait for about 3-4 days. See even they can’t wait for your call. It’s a big decision, for sure, and you don’t want others to call her before you. So just pick up that phone of yours and call her right away. Just don’t sound too needy.

12) “Have you ever experimented with other women?”
No, it’s not a tricky question! Imagining two hot women, together, turns him on.
But sadly the response we have for your hot fantasy will be a sure shot killjoy. Because we haven’t come across any ‘yes’ (so far) but only NOES. Sorry guys, maybe some other time.

13) “What’s the best way to impress a woman on the first date?”
After all first impression is the best impression.
Flowers, of course, but try a different pretty flower other than rose. It’s just too regular. Don’t forget to be nice, genuine but don’t be too sweet and flattering in the process. Also talk nicely because mannerisms always count and DO NOT boast! All those muscles and outer appearances go down the drain as she gets to know you. Try to make her laugh, ’cause hansee toh phansee, right!
14) “Is she into me or just being nice?”
I am confused…
At first, probably, she is just being nice. But keep reading the signs and you’ll know when she’s into you. Or maybe ask her right away.

15) “How can I escape the friend zone?”
It’s very crowded in there – complains guys who’s-been-there!
Some days there’s just no escaping to it. But you could always politely refuse to be her friend. Because you know, lovers can’t be ‘just friends’.

16) “How do women prefer the guy’s junk?”
Of course, guys will go to any length to impress you. Even if that means grooming his pee pee, if only they knew your preference!
Hands down, cleanliness and hygiene matters the most, not much the size. As long as you’re satisfying her in bed, it doesn’t really matter. But yes, as one of the response point out, to a certain extent size does matter.

17) “Why do you always want to have the “Baby! we need to talk” conversation when the game is on?”
So that the rules are clear. Sadly women feel that is the time we can have your attention. This could be avoided if you start giving her more candid ‘talk time’ so she won’t have to look for it at wrong times. So that some rules are clear before it is too late.

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