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17 Things Nobody Tells You About Living Alone

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Living alone may be simultaneously the most empowering and harrowing experience of life,either as a home owner or renter. While there’s potential for unlimited calm and the sweet joy of cooking naked, there are also downsides you’d never expect unless you’ve lived alone before.

alone. Solo dwellers, take note. When you live alone…

1. “No one cares if you eat crackers for dinner.”–Facebook user Betsy Ackerman

2. “There’s nobody to hand you a roll of TP when you run out.”–Facebook user Melissa Black

3. “Naked time is any time!”–Facebook user Adrianne Jacquelise

4. “People assume you’re ok with them moving in.”–Facebook user Val Leek

Zipper (Photo Credit: JaquelineVeissid/Getty Images)

5. “Back zippers.”–Facebook user Charlene Cole Ribaudo

6. “You eat LOTS of gummy bears.”–Facebook user Muriel A. Milne

7. “It helped me build my self-confidence.”–Facebook user Chris White

8. “My bathroom stays cleaner longer.”–Facebook user Anne Oliver

9. “It helped me realize I’m really not social and can easily never leave my apartment for days or talk to anyone.”–Facebook user Jane Meyers

10. “I come from a huge family, so when I lived alone it was eerily quiet sometimes.”–Facebook user Keri Ansley

11. “You talk to yourself. A lot.”–Facebook user Cassandra Allen

12. “When you are sick, you realize how much another human being by your side is important.”–Facebook user

13. “The plus? Burping and farting!”–Facebook user Stacy L Montes

14. “I went from trying to avoid my mom to wanting to call her all the time and hang out.”–Facebook user Chris White

15. “You don’t have anyone to split chores with.”–Facebook user Cyntha Hammerel

16. “There’s no one to else to kill that spider in the corner.”–Facebook user Laura Rodriguez

17. “You are going to be afraid of someone breaking in. You are going to get a dog to warn you and keep you safe. Then you will have a heart attack every time your dog barks in the middle of the night, and it is not going to be someone breaking in.”–Facebook user Rachael Taft

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