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19 Things You Need To Know About Female Orgasms

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How long does it take to cross the finish line? Which positions make you most likely to climax? And is it really possible to have an orgasm every time? We have the answers to all of your biggest O-related questions—plus everything you need to know to have your best orgasm yet.

1. There’s More Than One Way to Have a Happy Ending

Clitoral orgasms may be the best-known way to cross the finish line, but they’re certainly not your only option. You can also have a vaginal orgasm, a blended orgasm, or multiple orgasms.

2. Nipplegasms Are Real—Seriously

Giving the girls some love could give you a seriously awesome orgasm—no other stimulation required.

3. Foreplay Isn’t Optional As Far As Your Orgasm Is Concerned

The more kissing and caressing you do, the more your blood flow increases, which makes you extra-sensitive. It takes 10-20 minutes of stimulation for the average woman to reach her peak.

4. Oral Is One of the Best Ways to Get Off

Most women find it hard to finish from vaginal sex alone since it’s not great at stimulating your super-sensitive clitoris, says sexologist Leanna Wolfe, Ph.D. Oral sex fixes that problem.

5. …And So is Masturbation

It’s the easiest way for women to hit the big O (after all, who know what feels good better than you?).

6. The Average Orgasm is 20 Seconds Long

During that 20 seconds, you have rhythmic contractions about every 0.08 seconds.

7. Exercising Can Get You Off

Kegels aren’t the only exercise that can deliver toe-curling results: Certain abs moves can give you what’s known as a “coregasm.”

8. You Can Orgasm During Childbirth

File this under odd-but-true: Labor can actually jump-start an orgasm. (We’re guessing this makes for a supremely awkward delivery room.

9. You Can Think Your Way to a Happy Ending

In other weird orgasm news, it’s possible to mentally induce an orgasm. “It’s a combination of breathing, fantasy, and giving yourself permission to focus on yourself,” says sex therapist Gina Ogden, Ph.D.

10. Making Noise Makes Your Orgasm Better

Turns out, controlling the volume on your sex sounds could be the key to an awesome O. In tantric sex, making high-pitched noises brings sexual energy to your chest, throat, and head, while low-pitched noises bring them down to… well, down there.

11. Most Women Have Faked It

Studies show that 60 percent of women have given an Oscar-worthy performance in bed (but 59 percent of guys think they can spot a faker, interestingly).

12. Coupled-Up Women Have More Orgasms

Women in relationships tend to climax a higher percentage of the time during sex than women who are just hooking up, according to research. Don’t let the “orgasm gap” hold you back.

13. Anxiety Can Keep You From Crossing the Finish Line

Super-stressed women have lower levels of physical arousal than women with normal stress levels, according to research.

14. Bummer Alert: Some Women Actually CAN’T Orgasm

An estimated 10-15 percent of women are anorgasmic, meaning they’re physically unable to cross the finish line. Think you might be one of them?

15. Some Positions Are More Orgasm-Friendly Than Others

Doggie-style is one of the best O-inducing positions for women. Why? It stimulates the G-spot (an ultra-sensitive spot on the inside of your vaginal wall) and your clitoris.

16. Orgasms Make You a Chatty Cathy

Ever wonder why you find yourself opening up after a roll in the hay? Blame oxytocin, a chemical that your brain releases post-climax.

17. Your Nationality Might Affect Your Pleasure

A recent poll of Israeli women showed that 72 percent had crossed the finish line the last time they got busy.

18. Orgasms Get Better with Age

Women ages 80 to 99 are more sexually satisfied than younger women, according to a study in The American Journal of Medicine.

19. Simultaneous Orgasms Don’t Just Happen in Movies

As awesome as it is to achieve your own orgasm, nothing beats reaching the big O at the same time as your partner.

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