20 Signs You Are Really REALLY Single

20 Signs You Are Really REALLY Single

By The Frisky on June 9, 2014
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Sometimes your single status is a scarlet letter that has been sewn on your forehead, other times your delusions have you believing this dry spell is more sunny California than Sahara Desert. If you aren’t sure of just how single you are, this list will help you.

1. Your phone is dead for a whole day and when it finally comes back on you have zero messages or missed calls

2. One of your goals for the summer is to get some play in anyway possible

3. You’re never invited on group dates

4. Your friends are always trying to hook you up with someone

5. Your parents are getting worried they’ll never have grandchildren

6. PDA makes you very, very angry

7. You feel like a cock block when you’re around couples

8. Everyone starts giving you advice on how to be with someone

9. Everyone starts telling you your standards are too high or you’re too picky

10. You kind of enjoy when old drunk guys hit that on you because its the only play you get

11. When someone actually attractive hits on you, you aren’t sure if it’s a sick game or a dream

12. You’re on Netflix and Hulu more than anyone else you know

13. You avoid Facebook like the plague

14. People apologize to you when they bring up how happy they are in their relationships

15. You’re either dressed with face beat to the max…

16. Or in sweats because you’ve given up

17. You pretend to enjoy being single

18. Being asked why you’re single is the most frustrating question in the world

19. You joined a dating site “just for fun”

20. You’ve honestly wondered if something was wrong with you, but have decided instead of changing yourself you’ll continue to wait patiently for your change at love

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