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250 Lawmakers Want Dogara To Step Down – Jibrin

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Abdulmumin Jibrin, a former chairman of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Appropriation, says at least 250 out of the 360 members of the House have signed a petition calling for the probe and removal of the speaker, Yakubu Dogara.

Jibrin, who spoke on Thursday, August 4, 2016, during on Focus Nigeria on Africa Independent Television, added that the Department of State Services had beefed up security around him due to threats he had been receiving.

The lawmaker claimed that some of his colleagues even demanded that they marched down to the secretariat of the appropriations committee, but he told them that it was not yet time to do so.

Jibrin said part of the demands of the lawmakers was that Dogara should immediately reconvene the House, which is on holiday, and then step down and allow a thorough probe of the lower chamber of the National Assembly.

He said Dogara had become jittery and had refused to give in to their demands, stating that Dogara’s intention was to ensure that the House remained on recess until September when the tension would have been doused.

“I am not alone, I am with many members. Yesterday (Wednesday), a lot of them said they wanted to go to the secretariat with me, but I said no. I didn’t want us to make the thing to look like a movie,” Jibrin said.

“We have the transparency group and it did not just start now; so no one can say Jibrin initiated it. It was formed even before we went on holiday. Anyone that says we are lying must be a joker because there were about 200 signatures before we left for holiday.

“Now, they have increased to about 250. Another group has emerged aside the integrity group and these groups have come together and all they are asking Mr. Speaker to do is to reconvene the House immediately and step down, but the body language of Mr. Speaker and a few corrupt people around him is that the issue would have died down when we resume in September and Nigerians would have forgotten.

“You are corrupt and you are talking about September. What we are asking for is that Mr. Speaker should reconvene the House immediately and step down so that internal and external investigations can go on concurrently.”

Jibrin, who had named four other principal officers as culprits in the budget padding allegation, said the majority leader, Femi Gbajabiamila, was not part of the alleged budget padding because Gbajabiamila had been marginalised by Dogara and was not in the chamber’s inner caucus

The other four principal officers are the deputy speaker, Yusuf Lasun, the minority leader, Leo Ogor, and the chief whip, Alhassan Doguwa.

The lawmaker said he used to be friends with Gbajabiamila, but they had not been on talking terms since last year when he supported Dogara for the post of the Speaker.

“People keep asking why I didn’t mention Femi (Gbajabiamila). I tried to explain that it is these four principal officers – the Speaker, the deputy, the whip and the minority leader   – that are involved. Everyone who knows the House will tell you that these four people have hijacked it.

“The meeting where they decided to divert N40bn was at the office of the Speaker and it was the four of them that insisted. Even though I am not on good terms with Femi, he has not been involved in the decisions of the House even as the Leader. He has been excluded from key decisions in the House.”

Jibrin said he made 25 allegations against the Speaker and his cohorts, adding that he had concrete evidence, which he was willing to present.

He accused the minority leader of diverting the money budgeted for the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs.

Jibrin said, “When I look at Leo Ogor, who has the audacity to go on screen and talk, I fear for the future of this country. This is somebody who practically made nonsense of the Niger Delta Ministry’s budget. It was the beginning of my disagreement with him and I have documents to prove it.

“He (Ogor) brought in all his projects into the budget. He basically took over the budget of the Niger Delta Ministry. The minister complained several times, but he couldn’t do anything about it and I told Ogor that the way he was carrying on was not the way to prepare budget.’’

“When you talk of massive movement of money in the budget, people will say the lawmakers have the power. Yes, I have also come out to say that the lawmakers have the power to move money, but the issue is that the Constitution did not envisage that a lawmaker will do it like someone who needs to be taken to a psychiatric hospital.

“For instance, a local government may have the capacity to use 10 transformers, but if a lawmaker decided to inflate it to 50 transformers, it is corruption; it is fraud. So, there is a limit to appropriation.”

Jibrin also said the Speaker had come up with a plot to defraud all the lawmakers under the guise of providing accommodation for them.

“How can the Speaker write to members to contribute a part of their running costs to build houses for them? A project being carried out by his own consultants! The money is meant for members to procure constituency offices, hold town hall meetings and do research; and you want to divert the money for that kind of project!”

However, some members of the House of Representatives on Thursday, August 4, 2016, dared Jibrin to produce the evidence that 250 lawmakers had demanded the resignation of Dogara.

The members said they were becoming tired of Jibrin’s “unsubstantiated” allegations.

The leader of Jibrin’s North-West Caucus, Mr. Alhassan Ado-Doguwa, an APC lawmaker, who is also from Kano State like Jibrin, challenged Jibrin to publish the register to buttress his claim.

Ado-Doguwa said, “Jibrin does not have any member on his side. Even in Kano, where he claims to have come from, he does not have any member with him.

“I am in possession of a document containing signatures of about 20 members from Kano State supporting the Speaker, Dogara, and other principal officers.

“Jibrin is a blackmailer trying to whip up sentiments. He is fighting a lone battle, which will ultimately consume him.”

Some members also wondered how Jibrin got 250 members out of 360 to sign signatures at a time the House was on recess.

“The majority of members have actually travelled out of the country. This is just a media war, which other members only read and heard; they are not in Nigeria,” a lawmaker, who declined to be named, said.

House minority leader, Leo Ogor, told Punch that Jibrin needed the attention of a “psychiatrist.”

He said, “I am amazed at how people continue to follow Jibrin and his lies. Is it that they don’t have basic questions to ask him?

“How do you open your mouth to say one person hijacked the budget of a whole ministry or a region?

“Please, take this young man to see a psychiatrist for some urgent attention. Besides, the budget is a public document. Is it too difficult to pick a copy and find out what this fellow is talking about?” Ogor said.

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