3 Key Differences Between Retail And Wholesale Hemp Flower

3 Key Differences Between Retail And Wholesale Hemp Flower

By Mitchel Jordon | Tech Contributor on November 20, 2020
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Once you start smoking Hemp flower, it is easy to want more. Of course, this is not an addictive substance, and that’s one of the reasons that you can smoke all you want. You don’t have to worry about addiction, and you don’t really have to worry about overdose, either. While it is possible to overdose on CBD, it would take a gigantic quantity (meaning more than you are ever likely to consume at one time).

Because of all this, it makes more sense to buy your Hemp flower in large quantities. It is cheaper that way, and it’s also a little more convenient. Once you have decided to do that, you have two options: Retail and wholesale. Let’s talk a little bit more about the differences between them.

1. Wholesale Is Cheaper

A wholesale source is one that allows you to buy large quantities at a discounted price. The upside for the seller is that they can move a large amount of product at one time. They would have made more money with a bunch of smaller sales, but not enough to offset the additional trouble. A bulk sale offers a large, easy profit with only a little bit of compromise. For the buyer, the benefits are obvious. You get the product you want for a lower rate.

Now, we should mention that buying retail can also be cheaper when you buy in bulk. In a previous article, we showed how much difference quantity could make. A strain of Hemp that normally sold for $10 per gram became a lot cheaper once the quantity was increased to an ounce. That brought it down to about $4.25 a gram. So, even if you are not able to get a good wholesale price, you can still save money with bulk retail purchases.

2. Wholesalers Usually Require A Deal

Although there are exceptions, most wholesalers do not just do business with anyone who shows up at the door. Remember, these are deals that usually have to be worked out between the buyer and the seller. The buyer needs to make sure that he is getting quality merchandise at a reasonable price, but the liabilities for the seller are a little greater.

Since the seller is taking a slight loss in terms of profits per gram, the deal is only good for them on a long-term basis. Being able to offload large amounts of the product makes them look good to their distributors, who also want to sell in bulk. In essence, the wholesaler says, “Hey, I’ll sell you goods at a lower rate, but only because I expect to make up the difference with lots of repeat business.” If you cannot do that, a wholesaler will probably consider you to be a waste of time.

3. You Have To Be Careful About Quality When Buying Wholesale

For the most part, the relationships between a wholesaler and their buyers are based on trust. That’s why so many companies that offer wholesale programs will make you jump through some hoops to get started. Again, the deal is no good for them unless you prove to be consistent. Thus, they have to establish (at least) some amount of trust in that buyer. This, of course, is why businesses find it much easier to get those good prices.

On the other side of the coin, there is also a risk for the buyer. There are unscrupulous people in every business, and they will try many dirty tricks. First, some of them will attempt to offload substandard Hemp flowers as if they were top-grade. This is where you need to understand what “shake” is and why it’s not as valuable. “Shake” is the dark outer leaves of the flower, which do not contain as many of those prized Cannabinoids (like CBD and CBG). Shake is also a little harder to smoke, so don’t let anyone try to pass it off as top-grade stuff.

Recognizing Quality

You don’t want to get taken for a ride, and some of the low-rent “wholesalers” on the internet will gladly take you for a long one. As mentioned earlier, they will do this by selling you low-quality crap. Of course, they will make it seem as if you are getting a great deal. They will do this by comparing their price to the price-per-gram of the more famous varieties. Then, they will tell you how much of a discount you are getting. The trouble is that the figure will be wrong because they overvalued their stock.

Here are some examples of Hemp strains that are popular, well-tested, and considered to be worthy:

  • Elektra
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Lifter
  • ACDC
  • Cherry Wine
  • Sour Space Candy
  • The White (CBG-dominant)
  • Jack Frost (CBG-dominant)

The flowers that you buy should look very similar to those listed above. Pictures of them can be found on the internet with ease, so you can easily compare them. If someone gives you one of these names, and it doesn’t match the appearance, the whole thing is probably a rip-off.

Before you lay down a bunch of money for a big bunch of Hemp, however, you should request plenty of information. A serious seller should be able to tell you what the strain is Mr Hemp Flower is a great example of that), how long it took from seed to harvest, and the percentages of CBD/CBG that are present. All of this information is essential, so the lack of it should be considered a red flag.


Not everyone needs to buy their Hemp flower in large quantities, as some people prefer to indulge only occasionally. Still, any serious smoker can benefit from a large and affordable stash! As a final note, we should stress the importance of storing your Hemp buds properly. Pests tend to target this plant, so a sealed glass jar is the best bet for protection. It’s also the best bet for sealing in the freshness and flavor of those flowers, and we all know about the importance of that. If you have enjoyed this article, we hope you will come back to read more of our work.


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