3 Simple Steps To Make Her Fall Absolutely In Love With You

3 Simple Steps To Make Her Fall Absolutely In Love With You

By Your Life 1st on March 14, 2014

Do you honestly believe that there is some action you can take to MAKE a woman fall in love with you?

You’re RIGHT!

Here’s how you can rig the tables, so that she falls deeply in love with you.

Making her fall in love is easy.

You may not know this, but, to make a woman feel special and fall in love with you is easier than you could ever imagine. In fact, there’s one simple reason women fall in love, and it’s chemically hard-wired into their brains. (Not some fluffy romantic notion of love, either. This is real, hard core science I’ll explain to you in this very article.)

I want to teach you how women fall in love and exactly what you need to do to make it happen. What is the real key to how women fall in love? The rationale behind how women fall in love with one specific man is easy: Women fall in love with a man who “gets” them. And I mean REALLY gets them.

Do you get her?

Women fall in love with men who get them on a deep, emotional level, and they call this a “bond” or a “connection” between them. No matter what happens between the two of them, this connection never breaks. She never falls out of love, even if she tries to hide it. (This is why you see so many beautiful, amazing women stuck with loser boyfriends, or even in abusive relationships.)

So how do you forge this super-strong “love bond”?

Well, as I’ve just explained, this love bond happens when a woman feels a man “gets” her on a deep, emotional level. Trouble is, it happens differently with every woman out there, because no two women are exactly the same. (If they were, we’d have a formula for love, and some antisocial maniacs would run around “programming” beautiful women to love them, guaranteed.)

Understanding that each woman is different is central to how women fall in love. You see, making a woman fall in love with you takes a variety of different things – from the conversations you have, to the dates you go on… to even the sex! (You may not know this, but when your woman has an orgasm, she releases floods of the chemical Oxytocin directly into her bloodstream.)

This chemical fools her brain into thinking she loves you!) But the real “trick” to making a woman love you is simple. This is the biggest, easiest, and most important thing you must do, if you want to know how to make a woman love you: You must figure out what makes her unique, and then talk to her in a specific way that lets her know you “get” her on a deep level.

In theory, that sounds so simple, it makes perfect sense, right? Of course. Well, in execution, most men screw it up. Here are a couple of examples:

Mistake #1: Trying to bribe your way into her heart

Expensive dates… Bouquets of red roses… Vacations to her favorite, faraway place… These are some of the common ways men like you and me try to “bribe” our way into a woman’s heart. This doesn’t work – no amount of money can help you buy love.

This is NOT how women fall in love, believe me. “Well then, how are rich guys so successful with women?” I can almost hear you asking. It’s simple: Rich guys get lots of sex, because they can be flashy with their money.

But when it comes to long-term, lasting relationships, lots of very wealthy men end up very lonely. In fact, an even higher percentage of wealthy men have MULTIPLE divorces than lower-income men, especially when you factor in women who don’t love them, and only married them for their money.

So make sure that – whatever you do – you keep your wallet in your pants, and you NEVER try to bribe your way into her heart.

Mistake #2: Complimenting her too much

“You look great!” “I love that dress on you!” “Wow, that’s so neat!” “You’re such a kind soul!” On an average date, the average woman will get forty to fifty compliments, from just one man.

That’s a TON of attention! For example, if you shrunk your normal first date down to just one hour, and included the time you two spend eating, every other sentence out of your mouth would be, “Wow, you’re so incredibly amazing!” (And this has never been the way women fall in love.) With all that flattery, how are you supposed to get to know her?

How is she supposed to get to know you? You need to cut through the flattery, and get down to “business” – finding out what she’s really like, as a person. And then, once you find out something she doesn’t tell EVERY guy she dates, your well-timed, appropriate, specific compliment will make her heart flutter a little faster. She’ll love you for it. Until then, try to hold back on the sucking up. It makes you come across as a much weaker man.

Mistake #3: Treating all women exactly the same way. Mistaking her for a different one of 8 types…

You may think you treat every woman as a unique person. I bet you can zero in even better with the guaranteed and scientifically proven strategies I’m about to reveal.

How many times have you said something to a woman because “women seem to laugh whenever I say this,” or “the last girl I dated loved it when I did this?” If you’re like me, your number is HIGH.

Sadly, this type of “treating women the same” disease turns a woman off faster than calling her the wrong name in bed. It makes her think you want her only for her body, or only because she has a pretty face, and not because of the woman she is, on the inside.

Know her type…

Knowing this, don’t you think it would be wise to get to know your woman’s “type” before you talk to her, date her, or try to take things with her to the next level? You know, her “type” – the things that make her absolutely unique and determine what you need to do to make her fall in love with you.

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