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3 Ways Women Contributed to Making Sex Meaningless

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What appears to be many moons ago, men and women would sleep together solely for the purpose of creating something. That something was usually a baby but it could also be a deeper connection with one another. In other words, intimacy had a purpose that was beyond simply “getting off” or “showing off” for self-gratification. So what happened?

As time passed, there were quite a few decisions made by our ancestors that appeared to be in our best interest at the time, but have slowly and surely shown us over time that they weren’t as rewarding as people anticipated them to be. As of a result, intimacy has merely become “something to do” as opposed to something to cherish and uphold in the highest regard. Research conducted by the The Austin Institute explains the economics of intimacy and why it has depreciated.

Here are three ways women contributed to making intimacy meaningless today:

  1. Support and consumption of birth control pills. While the idea of engaging in intimacy without becoming pregnant sounds attractive, it also caused women to lose their power in their quest for marriage. Birth control gives women the liberty to engage in more intimacy with more men with no serious commitment attached, ultimately making intimacy easily attainable for men in the short- and long-terms.
  2. Women no longer stick together. In the past, it was an unspoken rule that women do not engage in intimacy with a man who is not their own. It was also shunned upon to engage in intimacy without a serious commitment (e.g. marriage), even if the woman and the man were single. Nowadays, women resort to compete with one another, doing any and everything a man wants to try to “win” him over.
  3. Women settle for less. As a result of the aforementioned, Alpha Males are allowed to play the field much longer than their female counterparts, thus giving them an advantage to engage in intimacy with older and younger women throughout their lifetime. Women who are interested in having children will sometimes settle for a man who is irresponsible, immature, and inadequate for marriage just to have children before their bodies will not enable them to. This decision empowers even the weakest male in a bunch.

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