32 #WorldCup Jerseys Ranked From Worst To Best

32 #WorldCup Jerseys Ranked From Worst To Best [LOOK]

By Wires | The Trent on June 13, 2014

32 countries’ freshly designed uniforms will hit the fields this week in Brazil, but not every team’s kit is championship-worthy. That’s why we’re breaking down each tournament-bound jersey, from the inspired odes to national heritages to the ones that missed the mark.

1402324584805_iran world cup uniforms fifa

32: Iran  Why yes, that is an endangered Asiatic cheetah on Iran’s jersey.

1402324584808_algeria world cup uniforms fifa

31. Algeria Someone at Puma must really like pistachio ice cream (or key lime pie). The Algerians have a reasonably easy draw, but you can add these kits to the Group of Death.

1402324584810_honduras world cup uniforms fifa

30. Honduras The giant H feels like a call for help from a graphic designer who’s run out of ideas. The replica jerseys actually feature a QR code right there on the front. No bueno.

1402324584812_nigeria world cup uniforms fifa

29. Nigeria Are these guys playing soccer or selling Girl Scout cookies?

1402344566485_japan world cup uniforms fifa both

28. Japan The home kit is whatever, but the away kit is neon green—which we do not understand unless it is somehow meant to conjure images of the radioactive materials that birthed Godzilla

1402324584814_spain world cup uniforms fifa

27. Spain The single champion’s star—while tasteful—isn’t enough to redeem the weirdly deep shade of red, or the Venetian-blinds pattern. Most distressing, though, is the replacement of Spain’s traditional yellow numbers with self-congratulatory gold. Yeah, 2010 was wonderful, but hubris is a bitch.

1402324584816_australia world cup uniforms fifa

26. Australia Points for the collar detail on the home jerseys, but dressing like Brazil isn’t going to make you play like Brazil.

1402324584817_russia world cup uniforms fifa

25. Russia  We could not make this up if we tried: That blue chest stripe high across Russia’s away jersey is supposed to be the sightline astronauts see when looking at Earth’s horizon from space.

1402344679830_ivory coast world cup uniforms fifa

24. Cote d’Ivoire In what will likely be electric striker Didier Drogba’s last ride with his national team, he’ll have to wear these unnecessarily bright stoplight-colored kits—all they’re missing is a red card.

1402324584819_chile world cup uniforms fifa

23. Chile It’s a fine line between “timeless” and “boring.” The miniscule national crest is the only thing distinguishing the Chileans from your local rec league team.

1402324584819_greece world cup uniforms fifa

22. Greece  We appreciate a clean design, and dig the polo-shirt collar, but it’s cooler when countries use their national flag as inspiration for their jerseys, rather than just tacking one onto their chests.

1402324584820_south korea world cup uniforms fifa

21. South Korea Pope Benedict is loving that clerical collar.

1402324584822_costa rica world cup uniforms fifa
20. Costa Rica Chances are slim that Costa Rica makes it out of group play—good luck with Uruguay, England, and Italy!—which is perfectly fine. No one wants to see these Dairy Queeninspired tops any longer than they have to.
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