36 Words You Should Never Say In Bed

36 Words You Should Never Say In Bed

By The Frisky on October 20, 2014
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Last week, our Catherine totally skeeved all of us, which I might add is not an easy task, with 20 Words That Gross Us Out More Than “Moist.”

Seriously, ew! It’s bad enough to hear a funky word in your day-to-day life, but what about when you’re trying to keep things sexy? You don’t want to say something icky when you’re naked. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of no-no words for once you’ve said “yes.” Let’s do it, down and dirty with 36 words you should never ever say … in bed!

  1. Daddy (as in “Who’s your …”)
  2. Yikes
  3. Vag
  4. The runs
  5. Pimple
  6. Anus
  7. Pee-pee
  8. Sloppy
  9. Facebook
  10. Oops
  11. Examine
  12. Monday
  13. Taxes
  14. Fart
  15. Rashy
  16. Uh-oh
  17. Chunky
  18. Growth
  19. Just like in jail
  20. Peen
  21. Gassy
  22. Boink
  23. Baby-girl
  24. Wee, as in little
  25. Tushie
  26. Chafe
  27. Adorable
  28. Yack, vomit, Ralph (unless it’s his name), puke
  29. Smegma
  30. Splooge
  31. Removed
  32. Ugly
  33. Ew
  34. Insert ex’s name here
  35. Mommy
  36. Juices

You got another word you never want to hear in the sack? Eek us out in the comments!

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