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4 Effective Tactics To Protect Yourself From Mosquito

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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]osquitos might be small, but it doesn’t mean that they are not dangerous. In fact, some of the most deadly diseases in the world, like dengue fever, malaria, zika and West Nile fever, are spread by this little insect. Even the ones that don’t carry diseases can still cause terrible and annoying itches. This is why it is very important to protect yourself from mosquitos. While it is nearly impossible to completely avoid mosquito bites, these following tactics will give you more protection against mosquitos and the diseases they bring.

Mosquito-Proof Your House

No matter what you do, mosquitos will find ways to enter your house. But there are many tricks you can do to reduce its population inside your house. Firstly, you can install electronic mosquito trap. This device is the best way to kill mosquitos because it doesn’t use chemicals and it can be easily placed in any rooms. Just make sure to find some recommendations from Bestazy so you can get the best products.

Pay Attention to Hygiene

Mosquitos are attracted to uric acid, lactic acid, and ammonia, substances found in human sweat. It means, people who are sweating a lot definitely will be more attractive to mosquitos. This is why it is very important to pay attention to your personal hygiene, especially if you are somehow very prone to the mosquito bite.

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Use Mosquito Repellent

Unfortunately, there are people who naturally sweat a lot even when they are not exercising. Even when they have put more attention to their personal hygiene, it is hard to stop sweating if it’s already in their gene. Furthermore, it is also not a secret that some people get bitten more often than the other. Pregnant women, people with larger built, people with higher metabolism and people with O blood type are the ones that often become victims of the mosquito bite.

If you are one of them, remember to apply mosquito repellent to your exposed skin regularly. Remember, the key is to use it regularly, at least every 6 hours before the effect wears off. Furthermore, check the ingredients first to make sure it will not cause any allergic reaction.

Turn on the Fan

Mosquitos are the most active during summer. So, this is also the time where you should become more proactive in getting rid of them. Thankfully, there is a suitable way to do it during the summer. Simply turn on the fan, you will enjoy the breeze and the mosquito will go away. Mosquitos are too small to fly at speeds above 10 mph. So, when the fan is turned on, the mosquitos will not be able to fly around you and bite you.

Be sure to put safety as your first priority when choosing the best methods to get rid of mosquitos. Try to avoid chemicals or anything that can put huge risks on human’s respiratory system. Furthermore, don’t forget to keep the outdoor area clean and get rid of any puddles or standing water so the mosquitos cannot lay their eggs there.

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