4 Reasons Why Your Girlfriends Keep On Being Drama Queens

4 Reasons Why Your Girlfriends Keep On Being Drama Queens

By DFTM on July 14, 2014
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We’ve all known women that bounce around from man to man, causing chaos and drama in each relationship they enter. But with all of the emotional baggage, jealousy, anger issues, and paranoia these women display, why does it seem that you continue to flock to them? Here are four possible reasons why you repeatedly get involved with crazy women.

1. You have a rescuer personality
You’re only attracted to emotionally disturbed women that present themselves as “innocent victims,” which makes you feel important and needed. In reality, it’s YOU who should be rescued from these women who appear to be helpless kittens. In reality you are the mouse that the kittens are playing with. These women are usually bottomless pits of never-ending needs. They don’t need rescuing; they need mood stabilizers along with warning labels.

2. You love drama
While most guys would label a woman whose emotions are erratic and so easily expressed as “psycho”, you on the other hand find her intense emotional ups and downs attractive because of your emotional suppression.

3. Sex with the crazy women is usually awesome
You are drawn to “crazy” or “unstable” women because you’re under the impression that they are more uninhibited and adventurous in bed due to their intense emotions and fewer qualms than normal girls have. The drawback is when they have gone too far and you’re ready to dump them, they draw you back with crazy sex, causing you to stay on an emotional roller coaster with them far longer than necessary.

4. You’re Crazy
Not crazy, per say. But if all of the women you end up with are nut cases that find a way to make your life miserable, the only thing they all have in common is YOU. So start by looking yourself in the mirror. If you are uncomfortable with intimacy and expressing your emotions openly and honestly, you will inadvertently narrow down your dating options only to the women who are equally as screwed up. Want a woman of merit and high quality? Become a man of merit and high quality.


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