4 Secrets Of Having Sweet Sleeping Babies All Night Long

4 Secrets Of Having Sweet Sleeping Babies All Night Long

By Lifestyles | The Trent on February 18, 2014
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A baby is a mother’s pride and joy.  As long as babies have their much needed rest, they will be smart, healthy and happy.  If your baby constantly wakes up at night, their sleep is disrupted causing them to be irritable and cranky.  Your sleep will be affected as well and for a mother that is taking care of a new born and not getting the much needed rest, your body will not able to recuperate from all the stress of nurturing a new born child.  The key to having your baby sleep all night long is to cultivate and guide your baby accordingly.  Babies are fast learners so they will eventually follow the guide set by you.  Below are secrets of having sweet sleeping babies all night long:

1. Cut down on afternoon naps – Babies are very energetic from the time they get up.  Just like any human, the baby’s body will require rest once their energy is burnt up.  Babies will start feeling sleepy and will take a nap to recuperate for the next round of activities.  Instead of allowing your baby to take a nap, try to keep your baby busy so that when sleeping time arrives, they will be extremely tired.  However, if you use your baby’s afternoon nap time to rest, it would be wise to cut the nap time down by half.  At least, at the end of the day, both of you will end up having a good night sleep and wake up to brighter brand new tomorrow.

2. Get your baby used to noise – Babies tend to get up at night when they are disturbed by the slightest sound.  It is wise to bring up a baby that sleeps even though it’s extremely noisy.  Your baby should be trained while you are still pregnant with them so that they will get used to the sounds.  This will give you the opportunity to keep up with your daily routine without having to tip toe around the house or even lower the television.  Once your baby gets used to noises, playing music that is pleasing for your baby will allow your baby to sleep even more peacefully.

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3. Your baby’s own bed 
– Never encourage your baby to sleep with you.  Not only will it become a habit, they will end up waking up in the middle of the night and pester you to entertain them.  You can start off by placing your baby in their bed when they are about to doze off.  By doing this, your baby will eventually get used to sleeping by themselves.  You will also get the much needed rest you deserve after entertaining an active baby.

4. Feed your baby well – One of the secrets to getting your baby to sleep through the whole night is by making sure they are full.  When babies are not full, they will get up in the middle of the night crying for food.  The only way to do this is to feed them just before they doze off.

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