4 Tips To Design The Perfect Leaflet For Letterbox Distribution

4 Tips To Design The Perfect Leaflet For Letterbox Distribution

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When it comes time to design your leaflet for letterbox distribution, don’t fall into one of the many leaflet design traps! To help you avoid them, this article will discuss a few simple principles of good leaflet design. The first thing to know is to not overdo it, as less is often more − more value, more sense, and more professionalism with less elements on the page. Other considerations include clear wording, quality of paper stock, and the colours used. Without further ado, here are four important principles of flyer design for letterbox distribution.

Be Zen about It

The worst thing about the worst flyers you get in the mail is that they’re so cluttered you can barely stand looking at them, let alone trying to read them. Don’t make this mistake. Be Zen about your flyer design and make sure they’re not cluttered. A minimalist design will get your point across in a more professional and appealing way, which is exactly what you want from your letterbox distribution drop. If you try to cram absolutely everything in at once, you’llcause people to tune out and throw away your leaflet. To avoid this fate, choose one main key message and design your letterbox distribution flyer around this.

Exercise Text Restraint

The text on your letterbox distribution flyer should be easy on the eye and have a consistent look to it. It should not be gaudy, clashing, or too different in style, colour or size. Don’t use any more than two different fonts, and remember that simple and easy-to-read is always preferable. The text should not draw attention to itself; it should draw attention to the main message of your flyer. If you can’t honestly trust yourself not to use comic sans, do everyone a favour and hire a good designer. They’ll choose fonts that are appropriate to your branding and audience.

One Clear Message

What is the most important thing you want to say about your business? Choose just one thing to ensure that your flyer is as clear and beautiful as a glacial pool. Your potential customers will drink it up when your message is simple, singular and direct. Don’t add too many elements to the design, otherwise they may distract from your main message. The key to creating the best letterbox distribution flyer is to ensure all parts of your flyer – including text, imagesand colours – are all working together. All these elements should combine to subtly reinforce the one feature message of your flyer. Do this, and you’ll have a very effective letterbox distribution flyer in your hands.

Colour Coordinate

One of the worst offenders in terrible flyers is misused colour, so make sure your flyer’s colours don’t clash too much. If you’re going to the bother and expense of getting your letterbox distribution flyers printed in colour, it’s worth having a good think about colour choices. Some colours will enhance your branding and the kinds of emotions you want customers to associate with your business. Your business may already have certain colours associated with it or its logo, so you may want to stay consistent with these colours in your flyer. The advantage of this is that it can make your branding more consistent and therefore more memorable. Be aware that certain colours on text can make that writing hard to read. Hiring a designer can help you come to terms with colour and how it can be used to your advantage in a letterbox distribution flyer.


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