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4 Top Tips On How To Open Business Account Online

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hich business account to open if you live and work in the Eurozone? What is better to choose — traditional banking or trendy online services? Where are more risks and benefits? These questions concern many entrepreneurs working in Spain and other countries of Europe. They are often dissatisfied with the services of traditional banks but hesitate to take advantage of an online account. Fear of everything new makes it difficult to see the benefits of new financial practices. What are they?

Open Business Account for Better Financial Service

Companies that run their businesses in European countries usually use an IBAN business account. Why do they prefer this type of account?

·         An international bank account number (IBAN) is required to transfer money in the countries of the European Union. Initially, it was introduced in the EU but later spread to other countries.

·         Open business account with IBAN that simplifies and speeds up your financial transactions.

·         The main reason for introducing IBAN was to avoid mistakes in international transactions. Open business account with IBAN that will guarantee the correctness of your international financial deals.

Genome Account Provides You with the Best Opportunities for Smooth Transactions

Opening an online account on the Genome financial service platform gives you all benefits of online banking:

·         Relaxed management of your business account that does not require your physical presence in any financial establishments.

·         A personal manager that will assist you in all aspects of your financial tasks.

·         Security is provided by the most advanced protocols and the National Bank of Lithuania.

·         Transfer money with the most effective SWIFT and SEPA payment systems. Open business account with Genome, and you will be able to transfer your money within its internal network instantly and without any fees.

·         Possibility to open business account with a multi-currency program. Keep your USD, GBP, and EUR on separate accounts. You will be able to transfer money among them with the lowest 1% fee.

·         The Genome account allows you to open multiple IBAN accounts, up to five for every currency.

·         Possibility to open business account for merchant purposes. Get useful options aimed at simplifying merchants’ tasks. Support your business with in-depth analytics provided by a highly professional Genome team.

·         Joint managing of your business account with devoted employees and trustworthy partners.

How to Open Business Account at Genome?

One of the advantages of an online account is the simplicity of all procedures. You need to perform five clear steps to start managing your money at Genome. If all your documents are prepared in advance, it will take quite a little time:

·         Step 1. Sign up for the Genome account on its website.

·         Step 2. Pass through the KYC procedure to open business account. This procedure protects all clients of Genome from fraudsters that may wish to encroach on other people’s money.

·         Step 3. It is impossible to open business account without uploading the required documentation related to your company. You need to prove your rights to its ownership.

·         Step 4. Since Genome is operating in the territory of Europe, first, you will open an online account in EUR. Then, you can add accounts in USD and GBP.

·         Step 5. Transfer money with the payment system you prefer.

The flexibility of Genome Financial Services

Genome Account can be administered in any convenient way:

·         You can use a web version of your business account

·         Open business account and become independent not only from traditional banking but from your office as well. You can upload a Genome App to your mobile device and move wherever you want. The money of your company will always be under your control.

·         Transfer money from your online account at any time and from any place.

Also, Genome provides you with a corporate debit card. It will allow you to make all payments for your business. An anti-fraud system protects your card from all types of fraud on the basis of the most advanced risk management software.

Financial services of Genome are very popular among businesses of Spain and other European countries. High protection of Genome services, deep analytics, and swiftness of money transactions are named among its strongest sides by clients. Take a chance to use financial services that are looking ahead and strengthening their capabilities by applying IT technologies. Open business account with a view on these broad future perspectives.

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