4 Vagina Problems Women Need To Talk About But Don’t

4 Vagina Problems Women Need To Talk About But Don’t

By Naturally Moi on July 7, 2014
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by Krystle Crossman

There are quite a few problems that women can have “down below” but they don’t like to talk about it. The issue is that if you don’t talk about it, you won’t know how to resolve it! Here are some common problems and what to do about them.

1. Drier than a desert: [email protected] dryness is common and very easy to treat. It can happen after taking certain medications or after pregnancy. Buy an over-the-counter lubricant and if that still doesn’t help, consult a doctor.

2. There is a “smell”: We all have strange smells down there from time to time but if you notice one that is really strong, see a doctor. It could be an infection or could be something such as a piece of a tampon that was left behind or even a stuck condom.

3. Pain: If you are feeling pain that seems far inside you could have an ovarian cyst or possibly endometriosis. See your doctor for a diagnosis.

4. Lumps and bumps: Don’t freak out if you find a new lump or bump. First try using a warm compress to see if that helps as it could be just a cyst or an ingrown hair.

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