4 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Daily Life

4 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Daily Life

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Establishing a regular routine is one of the most important parts of enjoying a healthy, happy life. Not only does it add structure to your day, but can change your general outlook and increase the efficiency with which you complete tasks. Even if you have limited time and resources, there are a number of small actions you can take that will bring immediate benefit. Here are our top four picks of things you can start doing today.

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Eat A Healthy Breakfast

It is a well-known fact that eating breakfast in the morning has greater benefits than simply stopping hunger. Kick-starting your metabolism, it is helpful for maintaining a healthy weight and preventing between-meal snacking. Not only does it stave off the temptation of sweet treats, but eating breakfast has been shown to help regulate your blood sugar levels. This means that people who regularly forego breakfast experience a sharp rise and then crash in energy after lunch as their body adjusts to the sudden intake of sugars. By starting the day right with a healthy meal, you’re more likely to find your appetite feels more consistent all day and your afternoon more productive.

Prioritize your Work, Plan Properly

Get Enough Sleep

It is estimated that around a third of us aren’t getting the amount of sleep that we need. On average, adults require at least eight hours a night – but this can vary according to its quality. In order to guarantee you have the best chance at getting the rest you need, make sure that your bed and mattress are in tip-top condition. For many people, back problems create sleepless nights. To avoid this, make sure your mattress is neither too hard nor soft and has natural cooling to avoid heat buildup. Some companies, such as one named Eve, have designed a one-firmness-fits-all solution for their mattresses, saving you the time of hunting for the right one. Finally, be certain to put your phone down before you go to bed: the blue light emitted from these devices affects the brain’s natural sleep patterns.

Prioritize your Work, Plan Properly

Get Some Exercise

Whether it means cycling to work, getting off the bus one stop earlier or walking around the block at lunchtime, getting some exercise is essential to your physical and mental health. Experts recommend around 30 minutes of exercise a day to maintain a healthy heart. Although it may sometimes seem inconvenient, getting into the routine of exercising every day is a great motivator: the release of endorphins triggered by working out has been linked to curing depression, and improving self-confidence.

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Leave Work on Time

Getting to work early and leaving late at night is the number one way to feel tired, stressed and alienated from your family and friends. There are various ways to try and maintain a healthy work-life balance, but it all starts with leaving the office at a sensible hour. Too often, employees are found feeling guilty about leaving work on time and are worried about being judged by their colleagues. But this is neither a sensible attitude nor a healthy one. Occasionally you may need to stay late to finish a project, but the rest of the time you should leave at the end of your official working day – guilt-free!


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