5 Amazing Sex Positions That Do Not Disappoint

5 Amazing Sex Positions That Do Not Disappoint [EXPLICIT CONTENT]

By The Stir on November 27, 2014
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Sometimes sex, especially if it’s with the same partner, can get a little … routine. And sometimes routine means, well, dull. Don’t worry, I won’t tell on you if you’re nodding your head in agreement. We’ve all been there. No shame in it.

But maybe it’s time to spice up your sex life. Try these orgasm-inducing sex positions to mix your sex life on up.

1. Modify doggie-style (sex on all fours) to make it a little more orgasmic for you. Try lying flat on the bed, lifting your butt a little bit for entry. This should provide a little more friction as your partner moves in and out, but also allows for the c-spot (clitoris) to be stimulated against the bed.

2. So missionary position might get a little boring. Time to mix it on up! Put a pillow under your butt as you lay on your back, bring your shoulders up, and try to get your feet around your shoulders, sorta like you’re folding yourself into a pretzel. This will allow for g-spot stimulation and your partner to enter more deeply inside of you.

3. Mix it up. Move the sex out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Or dining room. Or anywhere you have a table. Just make sure it’s waist height for your partner. Lay down, butt on the edge of the table, and rest your legs on his chest. He can hold on to your hips. Rock them up and down while touching your c-spot for increased sensation.

4. Straddle him, so that you’re both facing each other, which increases the intimacy of staring into your partner’s eyes while you make love. This provides you with a lot of control to garner how much penetration you want. Sway back and forth rather than up and down, which will also increase clitoral stimulation.

5. Spooning is a great way to increase those snuggly, intimate feelings between you and your partner. Have your partner snuggle in behind you, and gently thrust back and forth while keeping his penis inside your vagina. This will consistently stimulate your g-spot, and he can use his hand (or yours!) to stimulate your clitoris as well, creating a wonderful blended orgasm.

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