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5 Annoying Girlfriend Behaviours Men Hate

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Remember the movie How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days where Kate Hudson exhibited a series of psycho-girlfriend antics but still manages to win the heart of hunky Matthew McConaughey at the end of it all? Reality check, girls. This only happens in Hollywood. In the real and sometimes very harsh world of dating, men might find your borderline freaky traits a little less endearing but a lot more irritating. So, to keep him from running for the hills, here are five common girl behaviours to stay away from if you want to keep your guy.


Text, text, text, and more texting
Unlike most girls, men find texting tedious. We read too much into it, whereas they often don’t read it at all! Dropping him the occasional text to ask his whereabouts and what activities he is currently engaging in is acceptable. But when you constantly text him throughout the day and expect an instant reply each time, not only is he going to ignore the messages but it might (and most likely will) put him off. So, give those thumbs a break! Put the phone down, go outside and have a glass of wine.

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Giving him the guilt trip
Sure, you want a man that gives you attention and shower you with cuddles. But ladies, if your man wants to blow off some steam and play pool with his buddies on a Sunday night, just let him go do his thing. Don’t guilt trip him into staying in with you when he does that every night already. Especially do not nag him into watching a sappy chick-flick like The Notebook when all he wants to do is shoot a few hoops with his friends. Letting him have some alone time is good for him, good for you and most importantly, it will be great for your relationship together.

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Not getting along with his best friend
No matter how repugnant you may think his best friend is, keep that opinion to yourself. Learn to accept his best friend. If you see the good in your man, then surely he saw something similar in his best bud. Nothing is quite as bad as when your partner and friends don’t see eye to eye. Make an effort and cook dinner for the two of them, or just head out for a couple of beers together. If he can find it in him to get to know all your girlfriends, then surely you can do the same.

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Snoop, stalk, and scare
There is an old saying, “If you keep digging for sh*t, you will smell it.” Ladies, leave the creepy stalking to jealous exes, enemies and James Franco. All good relationships are built on trust and this is true in more ways that you can imagine. And please, do not look through his browser’s history. Don’t put yourself through that because it’s just guys being guys. It’s normal, don’t be such a prude.

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Social network overkill
Your twice-removed Aunt does not need to know what you and your significant other ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keep those special moments to yourself and keep them private. This particular thing may or may not irritate your man but it may cause your friends to suddenly stop calling you for that fun brunch.

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