5 Concrete Ways To Maximize Customer Intelligence

5 Concrete Ways To Maximize Customer Intelligence

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on September 24, 2021
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What is Customer Intelligence and why is improving its performance essential to growth.

For all the business trends that come and go, there are some principles that are just timeless. The one such principle that stands out the most is that customer-centricity is key to a brand’s growth. You’ll need to understand successful business is done with the customer in mind.

That’s where customer intelligence comes in. By gathering and analyzing customer data and transforming that into actionable insights, you can figure out who your end customer is and how to make their life better.

In this article, we’ll define customer intelligence and explore its advantages. Then we’ll look at how to collect customer intelligence and use it to promote your business.

What Is Customer Intelligence? 

Customer Intelligence is collecting customer data to drive deeper value and understanding.

Companies use customer intelligence and analytics to personalize their customers’ experience, reduce churn, and increase frequency, spend, and customer satisfaction.

Overall Benefits:

  • Collect rich customer data and transform it into actionable insights.
  • Create marketing messages, recommendations, or surveys using a set of sophisticated triggers based upon your customers’ behavior.
  • Measure your customer churn rate and automatically engage customers who have stopped returning to your stores to bring them back into your locations.

How To Maximize Customer Intelligence?

To make things easier for you, I’ve broken it down into 4 simple steps you can follow:

  • Develop a customer intelligence strategy
  • Gather your customer data
  • Invest in the right technology
  • Make the most out of your data

Let’s take a deeper look at these stages.

Develop a Customer Intelligence Strategy

Martech! Sounds like a call to arms, but is a seamless combination of marketing and technologies.

By automating many of the time-consuming and repetitive tasks that machines are good at, you can free up more of marketers’ time to focus on the creative and strategic sides of their profession.

Gather Your Customer Data

Your audience data is one of the most valuable tools you have for growing your business. By collecting your customer data, you can answer the following questions:

  • who your audience IS
  • what they love about your brand.

There are several types of customer data you need.

  • Demographic data gives you information about your customers according to certain attributes such as age, gender, location, and can include socio-economic factors such as customer education level or income. That information helps you build realistic customer personas.
  • Psychographic data includes information about a person’s values, attitudes, interests and personality traits.
  • Behavioral data includes the buyer persona’s personality traits, buying history or trends, what interests or motivates them, and how they behave or interact with brands and products.
  • Transactional data tells you how the customer is spending money on your brand.

Invest in the Right Technology 

To gather customer intelligence, you need the right technology. First, look at what modern technology you have and make sure they’re suitable for monitoring customer activity across all your channels. The more data you can collect from your customer channels, the better.

If it isn’t, you might need to invest in a customer intelligence platform. By using a customer intelligence and personalization platform by Grid Dynamics, you can optimize customer experience, personalization, message targeting, and timing using machine learning and advanced analytics. Whether you’re a small business or a successful enterprise, you can enhance the customer experience and achieve tangible results using real-time, personalized components.

Make The Most Out Of Your Data

This may be the tricky part: How to harness big data to get useful insights?

Your data should emphasize customer segmentation, customer insight, and profitable products as equal foundations of success.

Using this data to generate insights is the step you need to take towards a more customer-centric business model.

Wrapping It Up

Customer intelligence allows you to create a more tailored marketing message for your audience and build brand loyalty by defining your brand voice and tone. Above all, you’ll be able to boost your sales through a wide range of recommendation and personalization models.

Understanding who your customers are and how your business can help them is the key to growing and thriving in a customer-centric world. Stay up to date with customer data, and you’ll be on the rise.


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