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5 Expert Tips For Playing Blackjack

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]able games, especially blackjack, are not just for high rollers or expert gamblers. So if you are new to blackjack want to improve your performance at the table keep reading to learn the basics about how it works, and get five expert tips on how to play to win.

The basics of blackjack

The game begins with the dealer dealing two cards to each player (face up), and two for themselves, one face up and the other face down. The first move is yours – to decide whether you want to:

  •         Hit (take another card)
  •         Stand (stay where you are)
  •         Double Down (double the original wager for one more card)
  •         Split (creating two hands/doubling wager if you have two cards with the same value)
  •         Surrender (quit now and take back half the amount wagered)

Following your decision the dealer turns their second card and the game continues.

Expert Tip 1 – It’s not all about getting to 21

Chasing that goal exclusively will lead to more fails than wins. Instead, aim to be closer to it than the dealer while avoiding going bust before they do. Focusing on strategies to achieve these goals, via hitting, standing, splitting etc, will really improve your game.

Expert Tip 2 – Remember the basic rules to follow every time you play

There are lots of opinions on when to make each move outlined above, but also a few instances where most experts agree on the best strategy. These often depend as much on the dealer’s visible card as on your own, and include to:

  •         Hit – when your hand totals 12 -16 and the dealer has anything  between 7 – ace
  •         Stand – when your hand’s total is 12-16 if the dealer has 2-6.
  •         Double down – when your cards equal 9 – 11 (unless the dealer has a 10/picture card showing). More cards equal 10 than any other number in the pack.
  •         Split – the absolute best time is with 2 aces or 2 eights, but if the dealer has less than seven showing then it’s worth splitting twos, threes and sevens too.
  •         Surrendering is not allowed at all casinos, and is something for more advanced players so we won’t cover it here.

Expert Tip 3 –Don’t sit in the first base seat

Sitting further away from the dealer allows you more time to consider your hand and your best move.

Expert Tip 4 – Don’t follow standard ‘dealer rules’

These are typically to hit when showing 16 and stand on 17, but you can do what you feel is best for you. The dealer is always the winner if you both go bust.

Expert Tip 5Play flexibly and reactively

To avoid getting carried away it’s good to play more when you get on a lucky winning streak, but pull back when things aren’t working. Never try to get back any losses by placing one large bet, and if you have a nice run of good luck cash in while way ahead.

Blackjack is a game you get better at through both practice and learning; so why not read more about japanese blackjack strategy and sign up at an online casino today?

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