5 Factor To Consider When Hiring A Criminal Defence Attorney

5 Factor To Consider When Hiring A Criminal Defence Attorney

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Most people will at one time in their lifetime face one form of criminal charge or another. Some of these criminal charges may be for simple offences (otherwise called misdemeanors) or other might be for serious charges.

But whichever one it is, it is scary to have a criminal charge brought against you. And there is every reason for accused persons and their relatives to be scared. The truth is, if not well handled, a criminal charge may end up as a criminal record leading to the denial of so many benefits that should ordinarily accrue to you.

The seriousness of facing a criminal charge underlies the constitutional right of having an attorney who will guide and represent you throughout the process. Just like in every other profession, getting the right defense lawyer will determine your liability or not while facing a criminal charge. Therefore, it is important to get the best legal advice and assistance you can get. Mike G Law is a good example of one of such seasoned criminal attorneys.

Below are some of the things to consider when hiring a criminal defense attorney.

1. Experience Matters

When picking a criminal attorney note that the more experience an attorney has in criminal cases the better for you.

2. Get A Specialist

While an experienced criminal defense attorney is good, a specialist defense attorney is even better. Criminal law is a very broad field in the legal practice, and it is possible for a lawyer to have vast experience in some areas of criminal law and very little in other areas.

So make sure you hire a criminal attorney (or group of legal practitioners) who have experience in the same or similar cases as the one you are facing.

3. Hire Local Lawyers

In addition to getting experienced defense attorneys to defend you against criminal charges, also make sure that your lawyers are familiar with the court where you are charged.

One of the lessons that lawyers are taught in law school is to get familiar and know their courts. A good lawyer is expected to know the time a court sits, the judge’s temperament and the unique procedure of each court.

Time is of the essence in court proceedings generally and in criminal trials in particular. Therefore a lawyer who is not familiar with the court where you are charged will waste precious time in getting acquainted with the proceedings which may end up affecting your case.

4. Investigate

Except you already know who your defense attorneys are and their pedigree, you may do well by investigating your potential lawyer. If possible, look for past clients who have hired your prospective attorney in the past and get feedbacks from them.

Another great way to investigate your prospective defense attorney is by making inquiries in the courts where they regularly appear.

5. Fees

Facing a criminal charge can be a daunting experience. The defense attorney’s fees may not be of utmost importance. That said, it is essential to note that fees are important. Therefore make sure that you inquire and understand the attorney’s fee information. This knowledge will help you decide whether you can afford it or not.

Note that except the lawyer is handling your case on a pro bono basis, every lawyer expects to be paid before or after his services. If you know you cannot meet the financial requirement of a particular attorney, look for another one whose fees you can afford.

In conclusion

The ball is in your court as it is your responsibility to find a good defense attorney. Lawyers will get paid whether they win your case or not. Therefore, take your time, do your research, find an experienced defense attorney who is passionate about your case and hope for the best.


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