5 Home Upgrades Which Can Be Made Under The Bill Of $1000

5 Home Upgrades Which Can Be Made Under The Bill Of $1000

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When you are heading to upgrade your home, the list goes long and never-ending. In every corner of your home you need something new and lavishing. Also, there are certain things where you need to get them fixed or replaced like appliances, fixing the leaking roofs etc. But all these will affect your savings and this might give a thought to replace the idea. Still there are certain ways which are inexpensive and will add value to your home improvement and make notable changes at fewer costs. Here, you can get some amazing ideas which will help you in making the upgrades in fewer costs.

Increasing your curb appeal:

An appealing curb is very important even if you are not in a mood to sell your property. It may seem hideous to work out over the driveway, repairing the stairs or even managing the mailbox out of your house. But these certain changes will make the exteriors look great and make your mood to sit on your lawn and spend calm evenings. All these things can be done below $150 to $200 if you figure out simple ways to improve your curb. Try out to trim the lawn, pill the weed etc. Manage to maintain your tools so you don’t have to purchase a new one.

Fix your front door

It is a tradition that front entrance speaks a lot when you have guests at your home. Now, getting a new door can be quite expensive and often goes out of the budget. Now, what you can do is apply a new coat of paint which appeals your entrance. You can fetch the new paint from the hardware store nearby and use your skills to paint your door. This will save you with a lot of money. Also, you can add details like a new doorbell, flower pots with fresh blooming flowers. Of course, if the door is beyond repair, you can always check out somewhere like Blueprint Joinery, that offers an array of stunning home features.

Repair your interiors:

It is quite easy to repair your walls and especially when they are of standard height. You can easily repair the holes and patches on your walls. Use prime and paint on your walls which will instantly groom your room. For this you can buy a good quality paint with other materials like the brush, rollers etc which can cost you around $50. If you hire a professional painter, it can make the project expensive so try to make the arrangements with self-efforts. But consulting is better before you head for the home repairs.

Update your lightings:

Lights work as jewelry for the home and they need to be maintained, repaired or replaced with time. Nowadays, you can opt for CFL bulbs and lightings which are inexpensive and consume less electricity. You can check out chandeliers at hardware stores which are the on offer or inexpensive, if you want to give your home that truly luxurious feel. Also, customizing your old chandelier can be way lot of fun when you are heading for your home improvement. The initial cost might be expensive but they are soothing with the electric bills and save you money in the long run.

Toilets and bathroom:

Installing a new bathroom and changing the interiors is an expensive project. But the recent advancements with toilet accessories can save you more water and are hygienically good. So, for better health and environment you can make the necessary changes. It is good if you know plumbing but it will be better to get a plumber and get the leakages repaired. The old-fashioned toilets waste lots of water as compared to the new ones. These changes will upgrade your home and also save with future perspectives.

Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam writes creative non-fiction and prose fiction. Her works have appeared in Romance Meets Life, Flash Fiction Press, MTLS, Saraba Magazine, Sentinel Magazine and others. Her first novel, Finding Love Again, was published by Ankara Press. She owns and manages Creative Writing News.


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