5 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Trivia Board Games

5 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Trivia Board Games

By Mitchel Jordon | Tech Contributor on November 24, 2020
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The real fun of trivia games is playing with others over a table covered with items such as a bottle of wine, cards, and music. But, there is the catch! Not everyone feels the same way about it.

Many people know only some basic games they played in their childhood and view it as a simple hobby. Others might feel quite happy with the classic trivia board games and willing to try something new. It is the best kind of entertainment for your Friday nights with family and friends.

However, some myths stop non-players from indulging in trivia games. And the irony is that they don’t see these games as a hobby. Here are the top common myths which need to be addressed. They are a good start when someone declines your invitation to a game and starts giving you excuses for not playing it.

It Is Far More Complicated Than the Old Standbys

Board games have evolved over decades with complex rules and patterns, but this isn’t true for every game. Trivia games are still popular due to their ease of playing and fun quotient. The rules are very simple, and anyone with basic knowledge can enjoy it.

Sometimes, new games may require you to learn the rules from scratch. But, don’t let it dampen your spirits. Read the player manuals, watch gameplay videos online, or simply ask someone who’s a pro at it. You can also search the reviews as many game players often love to post 5-10 minute segments.

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Digital Trivia Board Games Aren’t the Future

The only intention of playing board games is to interact and engage with people. Many people think these interactions and gatherings can be only done via a home visit. However, that’s not true in today’s evolving world.

With the lockdown and COVID-19 situation going on, many people are forced to stay at home. But, they have found a way to interact with their friends and family members via online meeting tools.

Today’s advanced trivia board games from websites like BoomAgain allow you to play online through tools such as Zoom. You and your gaming group can easily compete using the latest technology and enjoy every moment.

You Need a Dedicated Group to Play a Board Game

Unless you want a particular someone to play with, any group of living and breathing human opponents is sufficient to enjoy board games. And do you know what the best part is? When playing with your friends and family members, you can also talk about your work, school life, relationships, financial needs, etc. Even if you can’t gather the entire group to play along, you can enjoy this game with just one opponent.

You don’t need a dedicated group, and that’s the beauty of trivia board games. Find the 50s or 60s trivia and get started. Amid the current situations or even otherwise, they are a wonderful way to pass the time and have fun with your buddies while revising some cherished memories, too.

Too Old to Play Board Games

The trivia board games don’t have any upper age limit, and they are perfect for any age group. As chess and Sudoku puzzles help sharpen your mind, a good trivia board game can give you a lot of chances to keep your mind and body healthy. You require basic knowledge to play them. And to have the right piece of information, studying and reading is the best method.

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Newer Trivia Board Games Are Really Expensive

Indeed, some of today’s complex trivia board games carry a hefty price tag. However, remember that these games also come with detailed components. More cards, tokens, dice, and other components are included in the price, and they also tend to offer more enjoyment and laughter.

You can find a cheap quality or basic game with limited questions or options at a lower price. But it won’t entertain you as much. Remember, as the components and elements increase, the price also varies. Experts suggest that if you’re looking for more enjoyment, fun, and a great night, buy a board game that comes with many components and elements but at a reasonable price.

Final Words

While these myths related to trivia board games busted, you can start exploring the best options in these games and plan a get-together to brag about it. Getting fun out of it depends on the game and the players’ knowledge.

The best way to prove these myths to be false is to sit down with the person and start playing the game. Once they soak it in, no one will regret playing a trivia board game.


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