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5 Remedies For Valentine’s Day Blues

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If you’re single this year for Valentines day, you may dread the 14th. You’re not looking forward to all of the pictures on Facebook, Instagram and twitter that will be posted about all of these couples that are professing their undying love for one another. Although God may have told half of them not to be together– thus another reason why you should stay in your lane. But anyway, if you find yourself wishing that you were in a relationship or had a Valentine, well– then this blog is for you.

I just want to remind you of a few things.

1. Anybody can get a ring and get into a relationship. It’s when you actually have a standard you will find that your standard “runs” off men. You may look at yourself and say– I don’t want too much! I just want a saved man that loves Jesus, is fine and isn’t wimp! Is that too hard to ask?! And to answer you: NO! It’s not too hard to ask! But there’s seasons under the sun for everything, including a relationship. (Ecclesiastes 3:1). What do I look like getting mad at summer because it isn’t here yet? I know that by about June, I can expect summer. I have faith that summer will come and I won’t dwell on the fact that it’s not here. Instead, I put my boots and coat on and do what I need to do. I believe that if its a desire in your heart to be in a relationship that God will open that door at the RIGHT timing. Stop trying to help God open that door. Sit down, relax. Spend crazy time with God and enjoy this season.

Note that you MAY run off men that want flings and not a wife. But that’s ok– you want a man of standard with integrity. Not some man that wants to play with you and then return you back to the rental car lot– abused and used.  So, help him put his running shoes on & let the door hit him where the good Lord split him. 🙂

You may say, well– “what about the 60 year old woman who has never been married? How do I know I won’t be her?” Well, I would need more information. Maybe God did send her a FEW great men, but she shut everybody down because she was lookingfor a worldly man in the church that made 6 figures. She never gave her type to Jesus so she kept writing off.. godly men because she was never really a godly woman. She just said it but her actions proved that she wanted a man– her way. I’m just sayin’.

So, don’t go out with a RANDOM for the sake of just having a date on Friday. A random is somebody that you KNOW you will never marry but you are bored & lonely. Honey, He cannot fill that void.

2. Be content during this season.  I often encourage women to enjoy each season because once they do get married, they will WISH they would have enjoyed the quiet space they had. If I can be totally real with you– I didn’t enjoy that season as a single because I kept cramming randoms into that space that had NO business being there. Although I finally cut everybody off about a year before I met my husband, I still wasted YEARS chasing after men that cheated on me & played me! What a waste of precious time sis! So, lets be content in this season. Lets enjoy Jesus. Lets have date nights with Him. Lets have tea time. Lets ask Him to renew our fire & zeal for Him! I blogged about “How to Spend Time With God” here. 

3. Go hang out with your girlfriends! Now, just don’t hang out with any o’le friend that will complain all day about today being “V-day” and she wants a man, and this & that. No, no, no– you don’t have time for all that! You are working on something! You are focused on what God is telling you to do! So, go out to eat with your friends, have a sleepover, do something– but don’t dwell on what you think you’re lacking! If God saw fit to bring your spouse, HE would have been there by now. So, relax.

4. Enjoy quiet time alone.  I used to hate quiet time alone on a Friday night because I would hear my thoughts and I didn’t like what I heard. I wanted the clutter of relationships (even if they weren’t good ones) because then I didn’t have to face my lonely feelings. Hang out with your friends if you have peace about it but you may need to plan a candle light dinner for one in your dining room and just talk to the Lord! Cry out to Him!

5. Burn his phone number. We HAVE to cast down stupid thoughts! 2 Corinthians 2:5 says “We destroy every proud obstacle that keeps people from knowing God. We capture their rebellious thoughts and teach them to obey Christ.” So, if you are getting tempted to reach out to an ex, just to say “Happy Valentines day & remising about what ya’ll used to do– you’re only opening yourself up for an attack from the enemy. Because you will soon go back to that place and you will remember the way you used to feel. Even if it was dysfunctional– anything seems better than your current state. Honey, it’s a LIE. It’s an ILLUSION and satan is looking to destroy your mindset! So, cast down those bad thoughts, burn his phone number, stop stalking his facebook page with his new girlfriend and STAY focused.

Well, Happy Valentines Day.

Why don’t we focus on our 1st love who is Jesus Christ today versus a pretend love that never really loved us in the first place. 

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