5 Signs That You Are Working With An SEO Expert

5 Signs That You Are Working With An SEO Expert

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Given that search engine optimisation is a relatively new field and that it is a constantly changing one as well; how easy is it to actually determine if the people with whom you are looking to partner are actually any good? The truth is that it can be hard to work out just how well they are doing – especially if the field is new to you. But here are a few signs that your potential partners are not just hot air, smoke and mirrors. If they are able to tick off a few of these things, then they are probably worth considering as partners.

What qualifications have they got?

This is a very important thing to look for. Because search engine optimisation is a relatively new field there are not that many established institutions offering degree courses on the subject. There is plenty of stuff available online though and experience also counts for something. But the reality is that if you are looking to engage with somebody who offers an SEO service Brisbane or in Sydney, then look to see if they have any form of Google certification. In the search engine game, it is all about Google. They have far and away from the largest market share and they do offer online courses and accreditation. If your partners have Google certification then you are starting on the front foot.

Where will they place your links

Link building is important and being able to place content on influential sites with high domain authorities is key. So, before you sign with somebody who makes you a ton of promises, make sure that you assess what sites they are going to use to build your linking portfolio. Delve into their background – it is quite easy. A site like Alexa will give you a good idea of domain authority, but a simple browse through the listed partner sites will also help to establish the picture.

Is their copy compelling

Because search engines like an original copy, make sure that your partners are able to produce this for you. Remember that the more your copy is read and shared the better it will perform in the rankings. Search engines love content that is shared on social media and that is read and engaged with. Some people specialise in writing for bots or for the web crawlers operated by the different search engines, but this type of copy should be reserved for link building. Whatever appears on your site, it needs to be compelling.

Who are their clients

You can tell a lot about an SEO company by the list of clients that they work with, and more specifically how well those clients appear to do when you search for them online. Before you sign with a search partner do not be afraid to ask for a list of references. If they don’t want to let you have a list like this then you should be wary – or ask for a discount. It means that they are not prepared to back their reputation and you should probably find some other partner.


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