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Get Rid Of Clutter: 5 Simple Ways To Organize Your Wardrobe

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So, you always land in that proverbial mess when you discover at the end of every weekend when you find complete chaos inside your wardrobe and you can’t find your favoutire shirt from the mess that you have created. Here’s how to organize your wardrobe for easy accessibility 

Arrange according to priority: If formal wear is what you want to access first, arrange things accordingly by placing all the formals at a an easily accessible compartment. Accordingly, keep the related accessories in nearby shelves so that you don’t have to look around. 

Keep sections separate: Keep different sections for different types of ware. For examples, all your sarees should be at one place, and the related stuff like petticoats, blouses should be in the same vicinity arranged in and around the same shelf or compartment. 

Jewelry and accessories: Precious jewelry and accessories should be kept in a section that has a lock. Stock all the accessories that you are going to use on a day to day basis in that locker section. 

Don’t load it to the brim: Give your wardrobe a de-cluttered look. Do not pile up all the clothes in it. Only take the best ones and the ones you are going to frequently use and stack them in your wardrobe. 

Always revise your wardrobe: Make sure to arrange and rearrange your wardrobe at least once in a fortnight. It will help you remember where exactly you have kept a particular attire or accessory.

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