5 Skills Your Employees Expect From You As A Boss

5 Skills Your Employees Expect From You As A Boss

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on October 15, 2020
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Employers always seek professional candidates with the right set of skills, experience, and educational background for the job position. It is a common practice. However, have you ever considered what your employees expect from you as the boss of the business? You have often heard as people do not leave their jobs, but they go to their boss. Fair and effective bosses are often hard to come by and involve many considerations to become one. The problem always stems from the leader and with their low skill set. Being the boss of a successful business does not mean you are ideal in the world.

Apart from employees, bosses can also benefit from training at any level of their business. With the rising trends of recruitment and employee expectations, training and learning opportunities can improve your career growth and result in higher employee performance. The work culture and career growth factors indeed play a prominent role in employee behavior. You will also be required to hold numerous leadership and business skills to encourage positivity and productivity in the workplace.

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Employees classify their bosses into different personalities; the dictator, cheerleader, and the visionary. These personalities depict your behavior and leadership qualities for the employees and business. So ask yourself, are you the boss with the right set of skills or qualities that encourages employees’ morale and interest in the company? With that said, let’s discuss five skills that your employees expect from you as a boss.

1. Effective Communication

Effective communication is the best trait of the boss. No employees want to stay confused with their daily objectives and goal of the project. Clear and concise communication gives the pathway for employees and solves half of their problems. Many bosses overlook this factor and never care to communicate through their employees. Communication increases your value in the employee’s mind. On the other side, employees also complain about their bosses, not giving enough details or motivation for the objectives.

It is always advisable to stay ahead of communication and give the most to your employees. No one wants to work for a boss who never cares about his employees or joins his employees in the meeting. In this case, you can always choose to learn and train yourself to excel in your communication skills. You can also earn online masters in management and leadership to expand your skills like a boss. Many subjects in management and leadership can allow you to gain essential leadership and communication skills.

2. Problem-solving Skills 

Apart from the presentational skills, many employees also demand problem-solving qualities from their office bosses. It is no surprise that employees expect these skills. However, it is essential to note that problem-solving is crucial for keeping things right. Most of the time, your employees will indeed find the solution to all the problems. But that does not mean you do not have to do anything, and the magic will happen. Nowadays, employees expect leaders that can help them in challenging situations.

Not just the solution, bosses must define the problem by communicating through the team. It will help the employees to perceive the problem without diving into the depression state. Research has also proven that leaving the employees on their own is the primary cause of distress and resignation. Simplifying the problem for the employees can allow you to show them the path for the solution. Moreover, once the problem is solved, bosses must also monitor the progress of the outcome. It would help if you proactively approached the employees to address the possible complications and avoid them in the future.

3. Supportive 

Employees always love to work for the boss; whoever got their back. A good boss always wins its employees’ hearts, while the bad one will confuse its employees. We still have heard of the numerous stories of hostile working environments and wimp bosses berating employees. The low morale of the bosses discourages the employees from achieving their career goals. Every boss must always be realistic to its employees and help them in every matter rather than disengaging them from the team.

Less support and abuse leads to employee resignation. Moreover, this will also hurt the reputation of your business. Meanwhile, the right support and encouragement can make your employees feel fit in the respective position. Constant emotional support for the employees acts as the virtuous cycle, which holds benefits for both employees and yourself. Every employee experience peaks and valleys during their career. As a good boss, you must understand their feelings and increase their morale.

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4. Provide Mentorship 

Only a few bosses consider this factor, while others ignore it as a waste of time and energy. Many employees, while joining the industry, are not working only to earn a good income. But they are also working on expanding and growing in their career. For that instance, they always seek opportunities that can lead them towards achieving their long-term career goals. The good bosses never overlook these factors and provide essential mentorship and training for their more substantial development.

Careers always involve challenges and failures, which can make anyone disappointed and hurt. Many employees think that their boss should not be limited to their role and should be their mentor. If your employees consider you as the role model, that is an excellent opportunity for yourself. Moreover, it is a perfect way to retain employees and maximize their productivity by working on multiple roles.

5. Efficient Decision Maker 

Decision making is an exceptional skill expected from all levels of employees. More than 40% of employees say they want to work with a boss that is an efficient decision-maker. If your boss makes the call, then he must do it properly and efficiently. Most of the time, the lower levels wait for the higher authority to decide so they can get started. Not efficient in decision-making lingers the employee’s energy and creates a lack of focus and procrastination.

Decision-making skills are crucial to any business and prevent conflicts. Always involve your team before making the decision and take responsibility for the outcome. Employees will always respect your decision and will never fail to meet your expectations. The earlier you make the decisions, the better your employees work on them to save time. In complex situations, these decisions also motivate and uplift the employee’s confidence to succeed.

Final Words

Fostering these essential skills can help you in a career and retain your employees with an immense productivity boost. Employees need someone who can listen to them and give credit for their hard work. However, it is all possible by cultivating these skills in your life.


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