5 Things Girls Worry About During Sex And Why They Shouldn’t

5 Things Girls Worry About During Sex And Why They Shouldn’t

By Lifestyles | The Trent on July 1, 2015
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Most women have insecurities that cannot be quieted, and these fears about ourselves can often follow us into the bedroom. While we are concerned with how our hair looks or if we’re too sweaty (or not sweaty enough), men are more often than not oblivious to what can drive women crazy. In many cases, the very things that you worry about are the elements of you that stoke your man’s fire. So, we are going to dispel a few common misconceptions women often believe when it comes to what their men are thinking about them between the sheets.

“Your body is disgusting.”
While we notice every new wrinkle, pocket of fat and other imperfection, our men are not paying attention to these things when they want to get down and dirty. They’re so excited at the prospect of having sex that even something like a prominent zit on your forehead won’t faze them. If you can’t get past your worries, try dimming the lights or relying on candles to set the mood. Soft lighting makes everyone look better and hides any imperfections.

“You taste/smell bad.”
If your guy wants to go down on you, you might immediately start to worry about the smell and taste he will encounter, but don’t. Unless you have an infection, everything is fine. If you’re really concerned about it you can take a shower before you get busy. That being said, if you or your guy notices your scent “down there” has changed considerably, you may want to schedule a visit with your doctor. This can be a side effect of something as common and treatable as a yeast infection or it may be indicative of something more serious like a sexually transmitted infection. It’s important to take care of this right away to get back to feeling like you again.

“You didn’t shave.”
If you didn’t have time to shave your legs or other areas because you were running late for work one morning and then your man wants to get it on, you may be hesitant because you’re not perfectly smooth. Much like your guy isn’t going to think twice about your love handles, he’s not going to be concerned if you have a little stubble. If you’re worried about friction rashes, grab a bottle of personal lubricant to keep things nice and slippery.

“You’re not very tight.”
Unless you’re a physical anomaly of the female anatomy, your lady parts are just fine – and your guy thinks so too. If you’re worried that you might not feel tight enough, there are ways to increase the sensations for him that will please you too. You can practice kegels – clenching and unclenching the muscles down there – while you’re not getting busy. In the midst of a hot session between the sheets, you can try positions that involve keeping your legs together. For instance, when you are lying down, cross your legs over one of his shoulders. You can also lay on your stomach with your legs together and have him climb on top of you. The increased friction will make things feel even tighter than they already are.

“Your hair/makeup looks bad.”
This is probably the last thing on your guy’s mind – if anything, tousled hair and smeared makeup will be the embodiment of the passion between the two of you. Part of the fun of having sex is letting go of your inhibitions and going at it like animals. And animals certainly don’t care about a few stray hairs. You can always throw your hair into a ponytail or a bun to keep it out of your face.

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