5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe On The Internet

5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe On The Internet

By Manny Akpan | News Reporter on July 1, 2017
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For parents, the task of protecting their children is a never ending job. Even when they have grown up beyond an age where they have their own children and hence can be certified enough to take care of themselves, parents are always known to watch their children’s back. But when they are small the parents have to more vigilant and more ever so, with the advent of the monster named the Internet, I am sure parents hardly get a night of peaceful sleep.

The internet and the risks tagging along with it:

The internet is the best thing that technology has ever conceived but only if used in the right direction. But instead of happening so people have been known to use internet for malpractices and hence there are some risks involved for kids that can affect not only their childhood but their whole future. The risks involved for children can be divided into 3 parts. Let us have a look at them:

  1. Cybercrime:

The different types of cyber crimes your child can come across while using the internet are Trojan horses, phishing, computer viruses, spam emails etc. All of these crimes are performed by those financially hungry strangers, who can very easily induce your children to either be part of them or fall victim to these crimes. Statistics show an increase in the level of cyber crime every year and hence parents need to keep an extra watchful eye on the activities of their children on the internet.

  1. Cyber bullying:

The threat of cybercrime was from people unknown but the threat of cyber bullying for your child can come from the very people he or she is familiar with. According to statistics, every year at least 20% of the children using the internet have to face cyber bullies because of which many children are either left scarred beyond repair while some end up suicidal.

      3. Online reputation:

Online reputation is the information about the person which is available on the internet which is derived from social networking profiles or an online membership profiles. This can be termed as an individual’s digital dossier which can make or break a person’s online image. This risk is more applicable to teenagers who are keen at showing off themselves as very cool online and regretting later on.

Fortunately, there are several options which you, as a parent can choose to keep your child safe from the risks of the Internet like using parental control apps which can help you to keep track of their activities on the internet as well as protect them from any unforeseen harm. If the Highster Mobile review is to be believed then this app can be the best spy app you can have for your child’s device ad which can send you immediate notifications for each and every communication and function performed on the Smartphone.

It is also true that using these spy apps is not a complete guarantee that your kids are safe and hence here are a few tips which you can try to work on which can help to make your kids aware of the risks of the internet and thus might keep them safe.

  1. Make your internet password protected:

Keeping your home network secured and protected with a password is the very first step that you can take to fight off the Internet risks for your child. Make sure the password is unique and complex on every account on the Internet as well as the gadgets available in the house. If you have shared the passwords with your kids make them promise not to share them with anyone and if you feel they already have, immediately change them.

  1. Logging out of the system:

Ask your children to logout of the system after they have finished using it for any type of work. Make it a habit for yourself also which will encourage them to do so. Logging off every time will ensure that no hacker can log onto your account to mess with it.

  1. Teach your kids about cyberbullying:

Make your children aware of cyberbullying and how it can be solved without being afraid of these cyber bullies. Ask them to not to respond to the messages but also not to delete any of the messages as they can be provided as proofs to the right authorities.

  1. Clicking unwanted links:

The best way to falling to cybercrime is by clicking on unwanted and unnecessary links. You as a parent should avoid doing so and teach the same to your children also. Some children are tech savvy enough and know that they have downloaded something that they shouldn’t have but are afraid to inform their parents about it. Talk to them about it and ensure them that they have your full support to fight off cyber crime.

  1. Instill the right use of internet in your child:

Make your child that Internet should be considered as a blessing and a boon to bring prosperity to our lives and should not be used instead to ruin somebody else’s life. This would refrain them from themselves turning into cyber bullies.

It is important that parents use the internet wisely and responsible because their children are watching and they will do what they learn from their parents.


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