5 Types Of Pens For Your Next Marketing Campaign

5 Types Of Pens For Your Next Marketing Campaign

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Are you finding yourself stumped about what you’re going to do for your next marketing campaign? You’re not alone. Marketing effectively in a very competitive world, where technology makes it more difficult to capture the attention of potential customers, is more challenging than ever before. But one method of getting people to engage with your brand is by offering customized, unique, and interesting (or even luxury). Pens, water bottles, t-shirts, and similar items are ideal for this purpose. Pens, in particular, offer a fantastic return on investment by providing a universal gift useful for everyone.

Finding the right pens to market to your customers it’s pretty easy when you know what to look for. Today, we’ll take a look at five different types of pens that are ideal for your next marketing campaign. Check it out below.

Engraved Pens

When you’re selling pens to the general public, you might want to consider selling engraved pens. Engraved pens are more of a luxury item than the typical plastic ballpoint pens, but they offer so much more. An engraved pen is an elegant choice for marketing your business. Engraved personalized pens offer a sleek, laser engraving of whatever branding or messaging you want to place on the pen. This can be someone’s name, the company’s name, a simple message, or whatever you please. It looks good, it’s designed incredibly well, it’s durable, and it makes for a great gift for your customers’ family/friends.

Metallic Pens

Most of the time, you’ll see plastic pens being offered up as part of a promotion or freebie. But metallic pens can be a great marketing tool as well, especially if you sell them or use them as part of a customer loyalty program. Metallic pens are incredibly durable, last a lot longer than plastic ones, and can look sleek/elegant depending on the design. Offering a variety of metallic pens can be a great choice for selling or giving away your pens during any type of marketing strategy. Or you can simply offer them at the register when customers come in. The choice is yours and only limited to the constraints of your own imagination.

Plastic Pens

Plastic pens are kind of a classic choice when it comes to offering writing utensils to customers. They’re versatile, can be used in pretty much any writing situation, and make sense as a promotional tool. Unfortunately, plastic pens aren’t always the most durable option around, but they are still an incredible choice—especially if you use them as part of an overall marketing strategy. Plastic pens are an incredibly low-cost option that can be purchased in bulk, customized, and distributed. This can give you some great passive advertising possibilities and ultimately lead to a high return on investment. They are ideal for personalized marketing campaigns or as giveaways at events such as trade shows or conferences where you want to make a good impression on a wide and varied audience, making them the perfect marketing tool for businesses of any kind. Plus, they’re recyclable, which makes them a great option for the eco-friendly customers out there.

Customized Pens

Custom pens are a great way to promote your brand or business. When a customer has a pen with your logo on it, they will be reminded of you every time they use it. This is especially true if the pen has a unique quirk, inspiring color, or interesting shape. It can vary wildly, but adding something that catches a customer’s eye is never a bad idea. Custom pens are also ideal for providing a useful and fun experience for your guests. They’re ideal for everything from conferences and trade shows to giving away to customers or employees alike. In addition to using your logo, you could customize them with a message or an inspirational quote. People love that kind of stuff. Whatever you choose to do, adding a little bit of customization to your promotional items can be great for business and help you stand out among the crowd.

Combination and Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens are a good choice for customers looking for a smooth writing experience. They are available in a variety of colors and designs, and the rollerball tip is great for people who like to write with smooth-flowing ink. That’s a perk of this type of high-quality pen. These pens are more comfortable to use, create a smoother line, and can be either disposable or refillable. They come at a decent price point and can come in multiple colors as well. This provides some versatility where most other pens might just come in traditional red, black, and red inks. Selling them in packs and customizing them can be a great boost to your business while also providing customers with something as a cool memento of their visit to your business. In addition to rollerball pens, you can offer pens with a stylist tip, pens with a built-in flashlight, or other pen combinations to give your customers the ultimate choice of cool pens to buy. Just make sure they all have your logo so everyone knows where they were purchased.


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