5 Unique Design Ideas For Your Kitchen Next Year

5 Unique Design Ideas For Your Kitchen Next Year

By Mike Cardoza | Lifestyle Contributor on December 13, 2019
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Kitchen designs are all about originality, functionality and, of course, impeccable designs. If it‘s been a few years since your last kitchen redesign, then you are probably itching to get those design ideas flowing and revamp the whole room until it feels brand new once more.

Every kitchen is different, but no matter the size and layout of your kitchen, you can still incorporate some stunning designs and features that will truly make it a kitchen to die for.

1.    Retro Theme

If contemporary designs are starting to wear you down, why not try out a blast from the past? Retro fridges, kettles, microwaves and other appliances all look great, especially when they’re put together in a set, and pale block colors will make it seem even more retro. Using pale pink and mint colors together will look just fantastic, and they’ll come together to create the groovy retro kitchen of your dreams.

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2.    Splashback Wall

Feature walls look gorgeous in living rooms, but they look particularly stylish in kitchens, just behind an extractor fan. Next year, try out authentic antique mirror splashback designs to devise a look that is totally unique and definitely won’t be something you’ll find in many other kitchens. The splashback wall can be the star feature of your new redesign, shining for all of your guests to see.

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3.    Glass Window Cupboards

When you have lots of beautiful china and cookware in your kitchen, why shouldn’t you want to display it? There’s no use in it being hidden away in your cupboards. Bring it out and put it on display. You already have plenty of props that will look gorgeous in your newly redesigned kitchen, so make sure you make the most of them with glass window cupboards.

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4.    Breakfast Counter

You’ve heard of kitchen islands, but why leave behind the iconic breakfast counter? They’re perfect for weekend mornings with the family; sit and have breakfast together and bask in the sun, whether it’s the usual cereal or a special batch of fresh pancakes to celebrate your new kitchen.

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5.    Cozy Corner

Kitchens are usually all hardwood space, and this can make it seem cold and uninviting if done the wrong way. A cozy corner in your kitchen gives you the space to relax while you’re cooking, baking or doing whatever it is that you do best. Dedicate a corner to a luxuriously soft sofa or a hammock that you can hang and lounge around in. The living room isn’t the only place you can find a soft spot and completely zone out in!

It also works as a bonus space for when you have lots of family and friends over. Instead of crowding around the kitchen table, some can kick back in the cozy corner and wait for the chaos that is family gatherings to tide over.

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Gathering ideas for your kitchen redesign is an enjoyable and stress-free part of the whole process. Look for inspiration to your heart’s content until you come up with the design that’s perfect for you.


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