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5 Ways To Deal with Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

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According to statistics, 10-20% of erectile dysfunction cases are caused by psychological factors, ranging from sexual trauma, anxiety, childhood abuse, and stress, among other factors. For many patients, answering some questions, having a physical exam, and possibly taking prescribed medication is all they need to treat the condition. On the other hand, some will need more help. In this article, we shall discuss the impacts of psychological ED and the common approaches to treating it. Here is an in-depth overview!

Impacts of Psychological ED

Erection problems not only affect the sexual patterns of a man but also have an adverse effect on their partners and relationship. They are very common, mainly affecting men aged between 40-70 years. The most common impact of psychological ED is frustration. Sufferers often feel frustrated because of their inability to achieve an erection. This tends to be emasculating to men, and some give in to external pressure. Pornography is a form of external pressure that many patients turn to. This, in turn, results in misunderstanding and arguments in marriages and may even lead to divorce. What some couples fail to understand is that the condition has multiple treatment options, as discussed below.

Common Approaches to Treating Psychological ED

The cause of your psychological erectile dysfunction will direct the treatment option that you will use. The most common treatment options for this condition include:

1. Psychosexual Therapy

This is deeper-dive counseling in your relationship with the intention of discovering the psychological issues that may be influencing your ED. This type of treatment is unique, as it requires no medication. Psychosexual therapy offers an excellent opportunity for you and your partner to express any difficult feelings in a managed environment. It helps to identify the trouble areas and analyze your sexual patterns.

With this, the therapist will know your sexual habits before the ED and give you tips to improve the sexual patterns in your marriage or relationship. Psychological therapies are proven to be the most effective against psychological effects. They divert the negative emotions into positivity and, therefore, lower the ED that comes because of stress or depression.

2. Talk About Your Problems with Your Partner

This is a simple yet effective form of treating psychological erectile dysfunction by helping to identify the underlying causes of the condition. Discussing with your partner also helps to resolve stress. Rather than pretending that you do not have a problem or avoiding sex with your partner without giving valid reasons, you can talk and have the problem solved. Realize that the condition does not last forever and examine your lifestyles together.

3. Physical Exam

A physical exam is also a common part of the treatment of psychological ED. Your doctor will check on your general health while paying a focus on your genitals. Based on the possible risk factors, the doctor will also examine your blood system and heart. A rectal exam can be done to look at your prostate. Generally, these physical tests are not painful. Once the condition is confirmed to be psychological, the doctor will advise you on how to continue.

4. Surgical Treatment

In severe cases where psychological ED results from sexual trauma like child abuse, psychological therapy or physical examination may not completely heal your condition. Instead, you may need to visit Clinic for Him or get a surgical treatment. This ED treatment involves the insertion of a penile prosthesis, known as a penile implant. These implants have a high success rate among other psychological ED treatments, and will allow you to have normal sex.

5. Self-Injection Therapy

In self-injection therapy, alprostadil will be injected in the side of your penis. You will receive the first injection in the doctor’s office before carrying out your own later. The success rate of this form of psychological ED treatment is as high as 85%.

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