50 Romantic, Fun and Creative Date Ideas

50 Romantic, Fun and Creative Date Ideas

By Beauty And Tips on October 23, 2015

“Hey, so I thought we’d go for dinner again next Friday?”


“You okay with that?”

“Sigh. Okay, if we must.”

A dinner date is okay the first time you meet someone. But a dinner date for the second, third, fourth, fifth, TWENTIETH date? Come on! You’re better than that and you know it.

Romantic, fun and creative dates are the ones that really help you to bond with your partner. They give you a chance to really get to know them, and they can create the kind of memories that yet another three course meal at your favourite restaurant just can’t.

So if you’re looking to take this dating game up another level, let’s take a look at 50 mega romantic, fun and creative date ideas.

1. Take A Cooking Class

Okay, so you’d like to cook for him but you’re not entirely confident about your culinary skills, and the less said about your soufflé the better! And because you’ve heard a rumour that your date can’t even warm up toast without starting a fire, what better way to spend your day than learning how to cook together?

A cooking class gives you both the chance to learn new skills together, as well as the chance to bond. You’ll fall over yourselves laughing as you come to grips with new ingredients, and your new skills will give you the chance to cook for your date if things continue to work out in the future.

2. Try Wine Tasting – At Home

Going to an expensive restaurant for an evening of wine tasting is FUN and can make you feel like a posh million dollars. But do you both really want to sit there in nodding silence as the sommeliers relay some really boring information to you?

Instead, why not cut the middleman out by each bringing two bottles of wine to your own very special DIY wine tasting session at home? You’ll soon be giggling as you knock back the red and whites, giving you both the chance to relax, open up and make a connection.

3. Go For A Coffee Walk

Having a chat over a coffee is always a win. But why not take the conversation out of the coffee house and go for a stroll around the park?

Taking a walk with a cup of coffee means that you can admire the views during any moments of “awkward” silence. And to make things really interesting, why not go for a walk in a neighbourhood neither of you are familiar with?

4. Sing Together On The Karaoke

We all like the idea of singing on the karaoke. Inwardly, we know it’s our chance to prove to the world that we’re the singer everyone is missing. Whitney Houston? Who’s she?! (Just kidding, we love her.)

But karaoke can also be fun, especially if you get up and sing together with your date. You could perform a funny duet, and even if you know you actually can’t sing, you’ll still have a great time. After all, it’s just fun!

Until the locals get annoyed that you’re singing My Heart Will Go On for the THIRD time, while pretending you’re both on the Titanic. Then it’s probably time to leave.

5. Have A Trivia Night

Trivia nights can prove to be really feisty if the players are super proud and believe that they’re, like, REALLY knowledgeable. After a few wrong answers, said players can easily get grumpy and claim that the game is cheating.

But a random trivia date night is actually a really fun way to spend the evening together. It’s just you and your date in a room, asking questions, and giggling at the other person, when they get a really easy question totally wrong.

Just don’t ever ask the question, “Why am I even dating you?”

Even if they don’t know that Paris is the capital of France.

6. Play Truth Or Dare

Uh-oh. Things just went up a level from the comfort of the safety zone offered by the trivia night to the totally awkwardness of the scary zone offered by Truth Or Dare night.

Truth Or Dare is really old school; it’s a simple game with a simple concept. You and your date have to either tell the truth or forfeit a dare.

It’s incredibly silly but also incredibly fun, and can even end with a few kisses – and perhaps more.

7. Hit The Beach

Everyone loves the beach, and if you’re date pulls a frown when you suggest going to the beach, honey, they’re soooo not right for you!

There is so much fun to be had at the beach. Whether you’re building a really rubbish sandcastle together, frolicking by the sea, having a picnic in the sun, playing group frisbee with some teenagers who are way better than you, or just generally talking about anything and everything, you simply cannot go wrong at the beach.

Plus, the stunning views and opportunity of total relaxation and escapism is unrivalled.

8. Race Go-Karts

Does he think you “drive like a girl?” Well, it’s time to prove your mettle by getting behind the wheel of a go-kart and challenging him to a duel.

Go-karts are just harmless, clean fun. Well, until one of you gets lapped. At this point, egos will need massaging and you will probably need to buy the loser an ice cream, while buying into their story that they “had a puncture.”

9. Play Miniature Golf

We all know that actual Real Golf would be a really boring way to spend a date. Miniature golf, on the other hand, is one of the most fun things you could ever do as a pair.

Slinking through the windmills, ducking underneath closing doors, and making sure your ball doesn’t hit the kiosk is all part of the entertainment. It isn’t really the winning that counts, but the taking part. Afterwards, you can go for an ice cream or sushis. Win.

10. Go Stargazing Together

Stargazing for a date probably sounds suspiciously like a cliché, but it’s crazily romantic. What better way to spend your night together than by lying side by side, holding hands and looking up into infinity? You’ll be able to feel the love in no time!

You could always take a long a midnight feast too, as well as some wine. And if you want to impress your date with your knowledge of the Universe, download The Night Sky app so that you can point out the various stars and planets you’re gazing at.

11. Go Volunteering Together

Volunteering probably works best as a first date. It gives you both the chance to really get to know each other, while doing something worthwhile that is valuable for the local community.

You could volunteer at a soup kitchen, a home for the elderly, or a homeless shelter. There will be ample opportunity for conversation, and working by the side of your date will certainly reveal a lot to you about them as a person. Once the day is finished, head off for a well deserved meal for two.

12. Learn How To Dance

Dancing is supremely sexy. Your bodies are moving and shaking together, writhing and coiling around one another. Things can quickly get hot and sweaty, and sometimes you can even lean in for a sneaky kiss.

And what better excuse to dance on a date than by going to a dance class? This will really keep you both on your toes, and your movements and rhythms will certainly raise the temperature. You could go to a dance studio or book private lessons. Just be careful not to tread on his toes!

13. Go Camping

Camping is the perfect way to get everything from everything. When you go camping in some remote place in the country, you’re away from work, technology, the city, and your nosey friends. It’s just you, your date and nature, which basically means that you have a fantastic opportunity to really get to know each other.

Camping is really fun too. You can cook your own breakfasts and dinners, indulge in a bit of fishing, sing songs around an open fire, and get lost in the woods. Just watch out for Bigfoot.

14. Get Naughty

No, we’re not talking about getting naughty in that way; rather, a really great way to spend your date is by doing things you know you shouldn’t really be doing.

This can include skinny dipping, spraying romantic graffiti on the side of a disused building, or even pretending that you’re sick at work so that you can spend the day with your date. The key then is to cheekily scamper around the city in the hope that you won’t be caught. The risk is exciting!

Doing naughty things on your date ramps up the fun and excitement and creates a great memory to look back on.

15. Go For A Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is a classic romantic date that few people will refuse to do (if your date is scared of heights, you’ve got a problem).

Floating over a city is incredibly thrilling at the best of times, but doing it with your date makes it even more exciting. It gives you a chance to sightsee and chat at the same time, and you also get to point out where you live, where you grew up, and where you studied.

16. Go To A Zoo

If you both love animals, going to a zoo is pretty much a no-brainer. It’s romantic, fun and creative all at the same time. You get to stroll around all day, taking it easy with an ice-cream, good conversation, and some amazing animals. Seriously, is there a better way to spend a date than in the company of your partner and a few tigers? Nope, we don’t think so!

17. Wake Up Early And Watch The Sunrise

Who said that a date has to be at night or during the day? For early birds, a date can just as easily take place at 4am in the morning.

Yup, you read that correctly: 4AM!

If you and your partner are cool enough, and you’ll have no issue with rising early so that you can head into the country and watch the sunrise together. It’s incredibly romantic and breathtaking, and you also get to spend the rest of the day together. Just don’t forget the sandwiches.

18. Have A Movie Marathon

If you’re both movie buffs, why not spend the day inside watching a whole host of films? Because no one ever said that dates have to take place outdoors all the time!

You choose 2 films and they choose 2 films and you’re all sorted. Remember to stock up on snacks and drinks, while keeping the phone number to the local takeaway to hand. You could also slip in a box set into the proceedings if you have time.

Hey, you have all the time in the world! Knock ‘em dead, kid.

19. Do Something The Pair Of You Haven’t Done Before

If there is something neither of you have done before, you should consider giving it a go.

This could be anything as simple as trying a new restaurant or foreign type of cuisine, or it could be something as crazy as taking a ride in a helicopter or bungee jumping off a cliff!

Whatever it is, it’s sure to be something different and therefore something new and exciting. Just make sure that you’re both totally cool with what you agree to do, and that it’s something you both definitely haven’t done before. Trying something new with your partner is always better than trying something new by yourself.

20. Go Fruit Picking

Get your gloves at the ready because you’re both about to head out into the sun-baked country and pick some sweet fruit.

Blueberries, strawberries, apples … you name it! Heading out together and filling up your baskets with colourful, juicy fruits is a fab way to spend your day. You know that you’re doing something healthy and fulfilling, and you’re having a good time while doing it.

Then, when you return home you can munch the pick of your fruits together and make a lovely pie. WIN!

21. Indulge In A Childhood Activity

No, we’re not for one minute suggesting that you should head to a bowling alley and dive into a ball pool. You could do that, but we’re not so sure that the other kids will be too happy about it! Especially when you start French kissing.

Instead, you and your date should pick your fav childhood activity … and do it! This could be anything from swinging on the swings, playing hide and seek, having a pillow fight, playing knock-a-door-run, and so on.

And, no, he isn’t allowed to pick playing on his Xbox.

22. Build A Snowman Together

Okay, so this one only really works if it’s been snowing. But if it has been snowing, then making a snowman together is a perfect and super romantic way to spend your day.

You’ve seen it in the movies: Couples who build snowmen are having a fab time. Christmas is around the corner, you’re both wrapped up warm in your cozy jackets, and you’re indulging in some sweet teamwork.

And once a snow fight breaks out, the laughter begins and it’s only a matter of time before you fall on top of another and … okay, we’re not going there just yet.

End the day with a hot chocolate. Mmm. Is it Christmas yet?

23. Watch Funny YouTube Videos Together

Got a few hours to spare but don’t fancy going outside into the wind and rain? Then why not stay indoors with some coffee and a few hilarious YouTube videos?

You’ll both laugh yourselves silly if you choose the right vids. Cats doing stupid things usually does the trick.

24. Watch Insightful YouTube Videos Together

Cats doing funny things not really doing anything for you? No problem. Why not spend your day with your educated and thoughtful partner watching insightful YouTube videos instead?

TEDTalks are excellent 20 minute vids that spread ideas and knowledge. If you’re both into matters such as politics and philosophy, kicking back with a few TEDTalks is probably something you do quite often on your own … so why not do it with your date and discuss concepts afterwards? You might even find yourselves getting into a heated debate which will really help you to get to know your date better.

And you know what they say: Intelligence is incredibly attractive.

25. Watch A Foreign Film Together

Continuing with the high-brow intellectual theme, if you and your partner are both into world cinema, why not spend your day watching a foreign film at the cinema before discussing it afterwards?

All movie buffs just love to talk about the film they have seen, and by discussing it with your date you’ll get a chance to really inspire each other with your ideas and insights. Have a meal afterwards and your day is pretty much golden.

26. Do A Puzzle Together

Puzzle’s are a great way of passing the time while engaging our brains and improving its elasticity.

But when you do a puzzle together with your date, you’re also enjoying the values of teamwork. You’re working together to achieve a goal, and making the most of both your (rather awesome) brains. Plus, you’ll get a really sense of accomplishment once you’ve completed the puzzle.

Unless you both struggle to finish it. In which case, you can laugh about it and put a movie on.

“Remember that time we tried to finish a crossword together and got absolutely no where? Haha!”

Great memories.

27. Have A Water Fight

Remember when you were a kid and your brother got a HUGE water gun for Christmas off your mom and dad? It was a pretty nervy moment for you who just wanted to play with your dolls in peace. You just knew your brother was waiting around the corner with that gun that was loaded with water, ready to blast you in the face.

You and your date should arm yourselves with water guns, head to the woods and engage in a water fight. You’ll have such a giggle, and things will certainly heat up the more soaking wet you both get.

28. Go To The Museum

If you’re both culture vultures, is there a more romantic thing to do than visit a museum together? There probably is but you should still go!

Museums are awe-inspiring and contain some really interesting artefacts. Plus, you can have lots of fun as you pretend you just saw the Mummy move.

“I swear to God it moved!”

“Oh my, you’re all shaken up. Let me put my arm around you and comfort you. The big bad Mummy won’t get you while I’m around.” *shakes fist at the Mummy*

“My hero.” *wink wink*


29. Go See A Circus

Circuses are just plain fun (and kinda weird).

Take it easy for the evening by watching clowns clown around, madmen jump through hoops of fire, and exotic women juggle shards of glass.

It’s all incredibly exciting and breathtaking stuff, and is so much more enjoyable when you watch it all with your date.

Just don’t even think about showing off by saying that you could juggle shards of glass just as well as the ringleader. Your date might hold you to it.

30. Have A Games Night … With Stakes

Okay, so games nights without stakes are still fun.

But when you have a games night with stakes, you have double the fun and excitement.

The stakes could be anything, but each time someone loses, the stakes have to be raised. You might start out with small stakes, such as the loser having to come round to do your chores for the next week. And then you might move onto bigger, riskier stakes, such as the loser having to shed a piece of clothing. And then another. And another. 

31. Give Each Other A Massage At Home

If you both can’t afford to visit a professional spa for a massage, why not indulge yourselves at home? All you need are some cheap candles, light music, essential oils and massage oils and you’re onto a winner! Then you can take turns massaging each other, getting you in the mood for one of the most perfect, heaven sent DIY romantic night’s in ever.

You can finish by watching a romantic movie and falling asleep in each other’s arms. Lovely!!

32. Write Fiction Together

If you’re both creative and enjoy writing, why not join forces in a local coffee shop and take turns writing lines? The end result will either be hilarious, magnificent or ridiculous, but you’ll certainly have lots of fun giving it a go!

A tip, though: If the other person creates a character that is clearly based on them, do NOT endeavour to kill them off straight away. This could ruin the mood.

Though it would be kinda fun and cheeky.

33. Go To A Sports Event

If you’re both into sports, what better way to spend the day than at a sports event? This could literally be anything. You could go and watch a team you both support, or you can could even try a sport that neither of you have watched live before. Whether you take in a night of baseball, basketball, ice hockey, or football, you can bump up the excitement by eating snacks, buying the programmes and screaming at the players.

34. Ask Each Other Lots Of Questions

So you’ve dated once or twice so far. You’ve enjoyed each other’s company and you’ve done some cool stuff. But how much do you really know about each other at this point? If you feel as though you’d like to spend the day really getting to know them, why not sit down at a coffee shop or a bar and ask each other lots of questions? To get you started, here are some ideas:

What is your worst habit?

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

Where would you live if you could live anywhere?

What is your weirdest pet peeve?

What books do you like to read?

What is your favourite television show and movie?

If you could be any age again, what age would you be?

Would you prefer unlimited cash or love?

If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do?

If you could do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Favourite song and band?

What is the scariest experience you’ve ever had?

35. Go To A Video Game Arcade

Your first ever boyfriend, Brad, probably took you to a video game arcade when you were thirteen, but there is nothing in the rules that says you can’t go there again now that you’re older and (somewhat) wiser.

Video game arcades are all about having fun and unleashing the playful spirit in you. You and your date will have a whale of a time on Pac-man, Space Invaders, Dance Hall Revolution and Air Hockey. You can even race each other and shoot each other. How fun does all that sound?! Can we come?!

36. Enjoy The Silence

If you both really don’t feel like doing too much, why not just have a quiet night in where you both enjoy each other’s company in silence? You could get some food and drink in, and just relax on the sofa, snuggled up to one another with a book each.

It might sound dull, but it’s incredibly romantic and can only bring you guys closer together. You might even fall asleep in each other’s arms which is incredibly cute.

Well, until one of you starts snoring.

37. Re-enact Your First Date

If you guys have been dating for quite some time now, why not go back in time to your very first date and do it all again?

This is super romantic and creative and will relight the flame in your relationship. You’ll get incredibly sentimental and gushy as you retrace the very first steps you took together. There will be tears and laughter, memories and stories to re-tell, but there will also be more love than ever.

You could even go one step further and engage in a bit of role play whereby you pretend you’re just meeting for the first time again. Awesome.

38. Go For A Seven Course Meal

This one is most definitely for the foodies. If you both love your food, why not go all out and indulge yourselves in a SEVEN course meal?

You could make it interesting too by having each meal at a different restaurant. You could have your starters at one place, your main course at another, your desserts at another, your coffee at another, and so on! You also get to choose three restaurants each. The final decider restaurant can remain a mystery.

39. Get Lost Somewhere

The two of you should totally pick a city you’ve never been to before and get lost in it. Wandering around your own city is okay, but you know it all off by heart! You know the cafes, the restaurants, the bars, the cinemas, the old man who likes to dance topless in the high street. It’s boring!

Getting lost together in a new city is incredibly thrilling. You get to explore new things, see new things, do new things. And the best thing is that you get to do it all with your date. Try it!

40. Go Birdwatching

Birdwatching might not seem like the most exciting thing in the world ever, but you’d be surprised at how romantic it can really be.

It’s basically just you and your date, snuggled up together in the cozy confines of the woodlands, quietly watching birds as they go about their day to day activities. You get to check out the gorgeous colours, listen to their chirpy songs, and watch them fritter to and fro.

And if you start to feel frisky, you can always make out in the woods. Which is always fun.

41. Go On A Boat Tour

Julia Roberts got on a boat with hunk Javier Bardem in Eat Pray Love. Okay, she was with Javier, but, hey, you’ve got your date!

Getting out on the open waters is fantastically romantic. It’s just you and your man, drifting through the lake without a care in the world. Under the luminous gaze of the sun, you’ll be encouraged to open up, reveal your feelings and really bond with your date. Boats really do create the perfect setting for intimacy – so give it a whirl.

42. Go On A Brewery Tour

Craft beer is incredibly popular right now. If you and your date are into the stuff, why not take a tour of a brewery?

This kind of date is both creative and educational. You will learn all kinds of stuff about beer and you might even become a bit of a connoisseur yourself.

Oh, heck, let’s just get straight to the point: A brewery tour is an excellent way to drink free beer. Afterwards, you can hit the pub and have a jolly good time. If you’re still standing, that is.

43. Brew Your Own Beer

Now that you’ve had your brewery tour and know more about beer than the guy who owns the brewery, why not return home and brew your own beers together?

This is a date where you make something together, and these kinds of dates are always extra special and romantic. Brewing your own beer is really easy to do, and you might even get a little bit tipsy so that end up making out.

44. Go To A Bookstore

Browsing the Kindle store for your latest read is hardly romantic, even if you do it with your partner. Visiting a second hand bookstore, however, is. 

There is just something about browsing book stores with your significant other that is awesome. You can give each other tips on what they should read, read cool excerpts to each other, and talk about your own ideas and dreams.

45. Go On A Road Trip

Now we’re talking. If the sound of sitting in silence reading books all night doesn’t exactly engage you, why not take off on a spontaneous road trip for your next date? You’d have to put a whole weekend aside (heck, maybe even a whole week), and you’d have to be prepared to just go with the flow. Who knows where it will take you?

Road trips are an excellent way of getting to know more about one another. You can see new sights together, take wrong turns together, stay in cool motels together, and find out more about yourself as well as your date.

46. Go To A Drive-In

Drive-in’s are synonymous with sixties America, teenage rebellion, backseat make outs, and John Travolta’s quiff. Which basically makes them an essential date idea in 2015!

Drive-in’s may have faded away in the eighties and nineties, but because we’re all getting a bit sentimental over here, they’re making a rapid comeback. We guarantee that you’ll have an awesome time if you choose the right movie, the right snacks, the right drinks – and the right car.

47. Go Clubbing

You’re both still young (at heart in some cases), so there’s nothing wrong with hitting the clubs after a long day exploring and doing stuff. Going to a club with your partner can be really fun. You get to shout lyrics at each other, do shots together, show off your funky moves to one another, and you definitely get to grind each other and slow dance together. Plus, if you treat it as the laugh it really is, you’ll have a right old giggle! You might even finish the night by getting so close that you kiss on the dance floor.

48. Read an interesting book together

If you and your date both enjoy reading, there is no better way to spend an evening than reading an interesting book together, while sipping some red wine or warm tea. You could read aloud to each other and then, when you have dinner together afterwards, you will have plenty of ‘food for discussion’.

49. Go To An Art Gallery

If clubbing isn’t really your thing (and by heck, it isn’t everybody’s), you could pop to an art gallery and check out some amazing paintings.

If possible, check ahead and go to a gallery where an interesting exhibition is being held. This will give you the chance to witness something awesome, and if you book a tour, you could even get to learn some cool things together. And while you stroll around, there is always the chance for some meaningful, in-depth discussions about art, philosophy and life.

50. Do Something Off Your Bucket Lists

If neither of you have got a bucket list, you should first create one and then do something off each one.

This could literally be anything, from seeing your great uncle you haven’t seen for years, to going to another country. Whatever you choose, the other person HAS to go through with it. Remember, this is a date; you can’t be doing things by yourself!

What are your favourite romantic, fun and creative date ideas?

Stay happy!

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