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6 Creative Marriage Proposals To Woo Your Beloved

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While your friends and cousins are tying the knot this season, those who are dating can pop the question now. Take this wedding month as an opportunity to ask the question that you’ve been waiting for…

Customised website: Create a personalised website. It is unique and shows love and appreciation for the person in your life. For this, you don’t have to be a master at it, your partner is sure to appreciate the effort that you have taken to prepare the website for him/her. Make a simple website where you can post your story along with pictures about how you met, how the two of you started dating, etc. With slideshows, you can actually show her/him the progress the two of you have made in your relationship and as you reach the last slide, pop the question of marriage in it. You are sure to catch him/her by surprise.

Destination proposal: Just like destination weddings, a location can also play an important role in determining how you wish to plan your proposal. For example, if your partner loves the beachside or the hills, create a romantic and a lovely atmosphere with candles or flowers all around and use this as an excuse to ask your partner.

Get your proposal published: How about popping the question while she/he is reading her/his favourite book? Get a copy of your partner’s most loved book and attach a printout to it. While he/she is reading the book, the leaflet will appear from nowhere and will surely take him/her by surprise.

Opt for double proposal: Instead of you going down on your knee alone to propose, make your partner do it with you! A double proposal is a fun way to propose to one another and make it eventful. The two of you can go shopping for the wedding ring together and select a particular day where you can both ask each other for marriage. Do this in front of your family and friends so that you can share your happy moment with them as well.

Try asking in different languages: Well, while its easy to ask the question in English or in your mother tongue, proposing in a different language can be a surprise. Don’t worry whether your partner will understand the language or not, but it will surely make him/her go weak on their knees and will just not be able to resist but say a ‘yes’ for sure!

Propose at your best friend’s wedding: What better place than to propose your beloved at your best friend’s wedding? An apt place and time. So, while your best friend takes the wedding vows, you can ask your beloved whether he/she is ready to get married in due course of time.

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