6 Effective Ways To Be An Incredible Wife

6 Effective Ways To Be An Incredible Wife

By Lifestyles | The Trent on February 16, 2020
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Having a close and successful marriage is our goal when we choose a special dress, the flowers, the attendants, and the groom. However, somewhere along the way, life intervenes. In reality, “happily ever after” only happens when we actively pursue this ending. Here are six ways you can become a better wife and enjoy the dream that you walked down the aisle to grasp.


Men thrive on respect, but they wither when their wife does not believe in them. Respect works wonders. It even improves your attitude. Tell him you appreciate his work and his efforts around the house. Do not nag and otherwise act like his mom. Treating a man like a child is disrespectful. Finally, do not embarrass him in public by telling stories that poke fun at him. Respect your husband.


If you always act in a trustworthy manner, you can avoid the stress and negativity that undermine relationships. Trust is not only about cheating. People lose trust in a variety of ways.

The key to building trust is simple: be where you say you are going to be and do what you say you are going to do. Do not say you are going out for milk and come home with a haul from the mall.


Although we often hear how important sex is to men, it is extremely important to both partners. Your relationship can only be strengthened by more frequent and innovative intimacy, but he’s bound to stop asking if you have a pattern of refusing advances.

Try initiating sex verbally so that he has hours or even all day to anticipate bedtime. Is that television show getting boring? Try hitting pause, telling your man how much you appreciate him, kissing him deeply, and then resuming the show. You will be glad you did, and he will love the surprise.


The flip side of being trustworthy is showing trust. When you communicate distrust, you erode the very foundation of your marriage. Showing trust can be easy.

Do not pick up his phone and check his texts. Do not log into his computer. When he wants to watch the game with the guys, play golf, or go hunting, be happy that he has a strong circle of friends.


Do not keep secrets. Hiding things means that you either do not feel you can trust him or that you are embarrassed about something shameful. Maybe your secret is a lost piece of jewelry. Maybe you are afraid of discussing money. Little things can become big problems, so communicate with each other, especially when something has the potential to become a secret.


Women average 20,000 words per day. Men average 7,000. There is a biological reason for the phenomenon, but do not use science as a crutch. Men need a little peace and quiet. Maintain your friendships with women with whom you can to talk. Most of all, remember that your man shows you how much he loves you more than he tells you.

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