6 Facts About Truck Drivers Daily Routine

6 Facts About Truck Drivers Daily Routine

By Business | The Trent on September 3, 2021
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If you think of choosing a truck driver career, it could be useful to learn more about the profession, its nuances, and hidden pitfalls. Today, truckers’ work has become one of the most demanded and necessary because of the fast development of power-only trucking and cargo delivery.

However, few people have an idea about the peculiarities of this work. earn more about the field of activity, its pros, and the cons that truck drivers and dispatchers face in large trucking factoring companies.

Early Rise

The early hours of the start of the working day are one of the main characteristics of the trucking profession. Many drivers from factoring agencies start their day almost at dawn at around 4:00-5:00 am. But it all depends on the requirements of the work, the conditions of the order, and the specific truck driver.

Before the trip, truck drivers check the weather forecast and route conditions. It is also mandatory to have a medical examination of a factoring employee and a technical inspection of the truck and the cargo’s correct installation. It must not be harmed during power-only trucking transportation.

Traveling on the road means having information about traffic congestion, accidents, and traffic jams. The truck driver is constantly in touch with the dispatcher. For the goods to be delivered on time and without damage, it is necessary to choose the best-matching route. Not only does the customer expect that his cargo will be delivered on time, but federal factoring rules also set limits on the driving time – no more than 11 hours on the road.

You have to adapt your sleep patterns if you are not an early riser. Truck drivers go to bed early and get up at dawn. If possible, arrange for a late departure, but there are not many such options. Even if you are self-employed rather than choosing factoring for a trucking company, delivery times can be tight and your driving schedule might be full.

Truck drivers cannot skimp on rest. It is better to stop at motels or truck parking areas. Many truck cabins have a sleeping place, try to find a quiet corner. So, noise does not interfere with sleep. Driving factoring veterans can give you a couple of useful tips:

Use foam earplugs;
Set up several alarms;
Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks in the afternoon to avoid sleep problems.

Long Hours at the Wheel

Truck drivers have to be on the go for several days. It all depends on the route and the possibilities for stops for lunch and overnight. According to the Ministry of Transport requirement, a truck driver can spend no more than 11 hours driving a day. It means that exceeding this limit can cause penalties, and the travel time is increasing.

The truck driver can take lunch and rest breaks during the day. But the more downtime, the more the trucking working day increases. Truckers receive a salary for the time they drive and factoring for a trucking company, not the total time spent traveling. Large transport companies provide bonuses to factoring drivers who travel long distances. For many people in the factoring sphere, it becomes a problem that they cannot see loved ones and family for several days.

Difficulties with Accommodations

According to statistics, more than 100,000 accidents occur every year since truck drivers fall asleep while driving. Night roads are monotonous with few distractions. It is more efficient and safer to stay overnight at this time. But it is not always possible to find a place to stay. Many factoring drivers have a sleeper in the cab. Such working conditions deprive you of some comfort.

It is also not always possible to reach a roadside cafe for lunch. Truck drivers take food with them, or factoring companies supply them with food. On the road, you have to sacrifice a healthy diet. Such factoring trips are repeated at regular intervals. It affects the health and quality of life of the truck driver.

How to Follow the Hygiene Rules 

It can become difficult to follow the principles of cleanliness on the road. Truckers can have a shower in motels or at truck stops. Submit a receipt with your number and security code. Carry soap, shampoo, washcloths, and other supplies with you. Experienced truck drivers from large factoring companies recommend:

Be sure to have rubber slates so as not to pick up the fungus;
Taking a shower in the trucking parking lot in the morning or the evening ;
Fold up shower coupons received at the gas station.

A modern and convenient solution is to take a portable shower kit with you. You can have a shower and do other hygiene procedures at any time and place. So, you don’t have to worry about hygiene in the shared shower or stand in the line of other truck drivers. It is a great solution for traveling outside the city or with tight delivery times.

Parking Principles

Oversized trucking vehicles take up a lot of space, so they are allowed to park only in factoring parking lots. But even there, the number of places is limited. And if you arrive later, there may be no space. Factoring drivers often try to park the truck near the delivery point or the sender. You can negotiate with business managers and put your power-only trucking transport near large stores. To avoid problems with parking your truck, observe the following rules:

Try to arrive at the stop early to be sure of the availability of parking lots;
Choose less busy places (for example, do not park your truck on the petrol stations);
Ask the sender/recipient or local authorities in advance for the nearest truck stop.

Safe trucking vehicle parking is key to the security of the truck driver and cargo for the factoring company.

Family Relations

Truckers spend most of their lives on the road. They do not often manage to spend enough time with their family. Be prepared to drop by your family only between flights. Today it has become much easier for truck drivers to stay in touch with loved ones.

You can chat on the road using Skype or FaceTime. You can make a virtual date with your wife or girlfriend, for example, if you are staying overnight. Many truck drivers use Spotify to make friends with people of common interests (same-as truckers). Do not forget to send photos of interesting places you have visited.

Despite the romantic side of working as a trucker, it is associated with some challenges. The profession requires some skills and enterprise, courage. At the same time, you have the opportunity to travel, spend time alone with yourself in the fresh air. Useful advice from experienced trucking colleagues helps minimize the difficulties of the profession, and a reliable factoring trucking company such as Logity Dispatch can make it profitable.


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