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6 Useful Hacks For Moms With Wanderlust

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[dropcap]B[/dropcap]eing a mom comes with rewards and challenges, but it shouldn’t stop you from indulging your wanderlust or travelling. Clearly, travelling with a baby is tough enough, and adding breastfeeding to the mix can bring up additional concerns while on the road. Do not worry, Jumia Travel, the leading online booking portal, shares useful tips for moms with love to travel.

Choose a window seat

Seat near a window as it provides an extra room for nursing and slightly more privacy. If you can, ask the airline attendants if you can sit in an empty row or toward the back of the plane so you can nurse more privately. Some women who need to pump in-flight might find the restroom to be an option if open rows are unavailable. You can always ask your flight attendant to suggest the best location to pump.

Be strategic

When travelling with your baby on board, dress for easy access. Consider putting your baby in a sling to free up your hands for your carry-on. When traveling with your baby, it better to nurse during takeoff and landing.

Stick to a schedule

To ensure a good milk supply, stick to your schedule. This might not always be easy when crossing time zones and if you experience travel delays. Set an alarm on your phone or download a breastfeeding reminder app to keep your pumping on track. Be sure to stay well hydrated too, particularly between feedings.

Be careful with using water to clean

If you are pumping breast milk, don’t wash your pump with water from a public restroom. Instead, buy bottled water or ask a flight attendant for a bottle on the plane. If you are traveling to an area where there isn’t potable water, use disposable wipes to clean your equipment.

Pack the essentials

Whether you are breastfeeding or pumping, you will want to pack items to store and preserve breast milk. The essential packing list for traveling breastfeeding moms includes small, tightly-sealed containers to store milk, breast pump, and a small blanket or shawl.

Check for freshness

Keeping breastmilk cool and fresh while on the go can be a challenge for moms who pump. Therefore, you must always check for milk freshness to ensure it is not stale. Unrefrigerated breast milk is fresh for six to eight hours at room temperature. Make sure the container is covered; adding a cool towel to cover the container may keep the milk cooler.

Adeniyi Ogunfowoke is a PR associate at Jumia Travels.

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