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6 Things Great Kissers Do Right

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Tongue-tied? These proven pointers on becoming a smooth kisser should help

“Aman’s kiss is his signature.” When Mae West, one of Hollywood’s wittiest sex goddesses, says that, you better ensure your autograph is up to the mark. As it turns out, there’s really no solid set of instructions to follow if you want to blow a woman’s mind with a kiss. Here are some proven ways — courtesy research or science — to turn you into a great kisser.

Enter her space
What perhaps sets off most jitters, than anything else, is not knowing whether she wants to kiss you. Merely assessing this possibility is enough to reduce you into a bundle of nerves. The solution lies in breaking into her personal space in the most non-intimidating manner and observing her reaction.

To be as near her as being able to smell her hair, you must have some basic level of trust or expectation. If she looks into your eyes, or gives you a friendly smile or kiss, it may be her unspoken hint at liking you.

The simplest way to find this out is to adjust her hair. Since it’s an intimate gesture, she will either flinch — which means stay away — or respond with a smile, which could indicate she’s interested. The best part though is that neither will have to feel awkward post this move.

Every breath you take
Poor oral hygiene is the perfect non-starter you should be wary of. Even if she is hot for you, it can ruin the moment before it begins. Women rely on smell and taste to a great extent, and also subconsciously make a note of teeth while evaluating a partner.

A man’s style of kissing also gives women a fair idea of his potential as a lover or whether to start a long-term relationship. In studies, women have rated the breath and taste of a man’s kiss as critical in figuring whether to kiss him again. Women also value the pleasure of kissing far more than men do, whether it is before, during or after a sexual encounter.

Rhythm and tempo
Get a hang of her breathing rate and help her breathe easily when you kiss. Women are likely to continue kissing for long only when they don’t feel suffocated.

While you are at it, take a moment or two to focus on the way she’s kissing. Replicate her tongue action and match her tempo. Take the next step only after ensuring you are in the same kissing rhythm and pace as she is.

Creative touch
Women commonly complain that their man doesn’t pull off enough variations while kissing, which they find ‘repetitive’, ‘mechanical’, or ‘putting off’. So give your girl some variety, like liposuction — moving from the upper lip to the lower, or the earlobe kiss — pressing her earlobe lightly between your lips and tugging gently downward.

While you are trying to spruce up your smooching repertoire, remember the golden rule: Don’t stick your tongue into her mouth, especially not until the situation has sufficiently heated up.

Neck peck
This one’s a well-established fact — women love to be kissed on the neck. Not only is it their second favourite spot — first being the mouth — it usually turns them on no ends. A clean-shaven man who manages to kiss gently, will vouch for this the most. An elaborate study found that only 10 per cent of men like neck kisses, as opposed to 96 per cent of women.

Move mechanism
It’s a cliche but that’s possibly because it’s true. Getting to know one another is the easiest way to iron out the awkwardness and roll out the red carpet for some heady intimacy. Once you know her, wait for the right time and context. This means going for a half-hearted smooch on the sidewalk outside the restaurant may not be a great idea. Take charge of how the atmosphere should be. Dim lights almost always work and so does sharing secrets to ease her into the moment. Take your time, and let her take hers too.

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