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6 Things To Do Before Washing Your Hair

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Oiling your hair is one of the most important steps of hair care regime. Going for a hot oil hair massage before taking a bath is always a good idea. It not only adds shine to your hair, but also helps in improving its health. Here are a few steps that you should keep in mind before going for a hair wash. 

1. Apart from mixing two different oils like castor and olive or almond, you can also add vitamin E capsules to it to arrest hair fall. Make sure that you massage your hair with this mixture for at least 20 minutes.

2. Never use hot water to wash your hair as it will make it rough and dry eventually.

3. You can also go for a conditioning mix of yoghurt and eggs before washing your hair. This mixture is one of the best natural conditioners; it adds instant shine to your mane. It will make it manageable.

4. Make a hair mask by mixing honey and curd. Honey moisturizes your hair deeply and conditions it.

5. Mash two ripe bananas till smooth. Add two tablespoons of mayonnaise and one tablespoon of olive oil. Apply and leave on hair for an hour. Wash hair with lukewarm water. Since bananas are known for their softening effects on the hair, this mask is excellent for those who have dull and rough hair.

6. Soak three tablespoons of black gram overnight and grind it to paste next day. Mix it with one beaten egg, one tablespoon of lemon juice and one cup of yoghurt. Apply to hair and leave on for half an hour before washing off with cold water.

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