6 Tips On How To Select A Good Accounting Company In Serbia

6 Tips On How To Select A Good Accounting Company In Serbia

By Adam Smith | Finance Contributor on February 28, 2021
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It is not always easy to find a professional accounting company in Serbia and this choice can be harder than it seems at first sight. Through the next steps, it will be explained what factors should be taken into the account after company formation in Belgrade.

1. Select middle size accounting firm in Belgrade

It very often happens that one accountant takes more jobs than he can finish. This means that you won’t get always your papers on time. This accountant works with too many clients and can’t be completely focused on everybody. Also, he hardly can cover certain complex accounting, bookkeeping and payroll tasks. That is why is better to choose an accounting company that is reliable because the job will be done on time and in the best way. These companies are always ready to help, answer the call and do their job on time.

2. Avoid the biggest international companies

These companies in Belgrade are hired in cases when somebody doesn’t have their accountant or when books are not in good condition. The main problem with these companies is that they charge too much for their accounting services. They will do a great job with accounting records and books, but all the companies will look to cut the expenses as much as possible and find a cheaper solution.

3. Exclude outsourced accounting firms

This isn’t a good choice because every company should hire somebody who knows the laws and regulations of the country where the business is placed. Also, it is hard to explain to somebody from the other country what do you want from them. This can cost them a lot of time and they won’t be able to check constantly the progress of the foreign accountant. From this reason, after establish a firm in Serbia it is mandatory to select accounting firm that will provide full set of bookkeeping and payroll services in Belgrade.

4. Check the accounting software

Those accounting companies who follow technological development are always a good choice. There are some programs and software that can make the accounting much easier, so you don’t need the company that is old-fashioned. There are certain standards in accounting and if this company doesn’t follow them then it is better to choose another company from Belgrade.

5. Take care that you get good communication with your consultant

 Good communication between the client and his accounting company in is very important and it can save a lot of time on both sides. In that way, the business is done in more efficient and faster way. The accountant should be able to explain everything in simple language so that those who hired him understand what is going on with their records.

6. Evaluate the price – do not accept price per hour

Don’t use those accountants whose services you have to pay per hour. They can try to work longer than necessary on papers and accounting records and in that case, it can’t be tracked how much time they have really spent on those books. Pay for the result and for the time.

1.3 Price for bookkeeping and HR services adjusted to your business

The price of services should be based on the number and the type of services. This can only be done if this accounting agency evaluates the company’s business and explain everything that they offer within bookkeeping, payroll and accounting services.


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