7 Awesome Ideas For Keeping Kids Busy Over The Holidays

7 Awesome Ideas For Keeping Kids Busy Over The Holidays

By Lifestyles | The Trent on August 22, 2018
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Holidays are most awaited part of the year be it the summer break or New Year’s Eve. But when you got kids, holidays are both fun and filled with anxiety. Al lost all parents like me face similar issue of keeping their kids busy at home during holidays because if you won’t, you always have little trouble makes wandering around the house looking to make your days miserable.

So, when my kid almost turned 4, I was somehow trying to find out ways to escape holidays at home. I was like, let’s visit your granny, your uncles, and aunts; but that didn’t last long, of course, you cannot spend the entire holidays at your relative’s place, right! Then I started studying parenting books, books on how to manage kids, etc. and probably that did give me the escape time I wanted, and helps me maintain my kid at home.

Well, don’t worry I won’t keep that a secret from you. Here I have compiled seven most amazing ideas to keep your kids busy during the holidays.

video games online games

Indoor Games

Indoor games are age-old techniques to keep kids occupied at home. But you soon must have realized that these games do not hold good for long. Video games are an age-old favorite of kids and kids of all ages love them. Latest PlayStation game and online games like g2kgames are engaging kids like never before.

Customised indoor games

I gave the indoor games a new twist. I customized indoor games to make them family game time, which involved the entire family and made it even more fun. Like, I, used the regular card games and gave it the personal touch by adding each members likes, dislikes and skills to it and personalized them to make a family card game. We all enjoy it very much it’s more fun when we add memories and moments to it. It helps recollect special memories of each member and sometimes even embracing moments that are stupid and funny.

Imitation games

It’s entertaining and lively play. We take up one family drama series that come on TV, and each one imitates one character the entire day. We keep on doing our regular day’s work, but in that character we choose. So it’s both fun and different and give the required break. Kids enjoy it when they get to become their favorite superheroes and still can be themselves at the same time. It even helps to develop their excellent skills and find out their hidden talents.


Baking and gourmet

Now, if you are kids aged above seven at home, and you all love the MasterChefs sessions on TV, why not train them to become the next big master chef. Taking up cooking classes along with your kids will encourage them to become self-confident and independent apart from learning some good food recipes. You will add to it with your presence, the kids will feel safer around their mother, and you can help them practice the dishes at home while you can learn a thing or two as well.


It’s another excellent idea. You can take the help of your kids to redo your garden, beautify it by planting seasonal flowers and vegetables.

Family Picnic

Family picnics

Holidays are time for family fun. Picnics like camping, hiking or trekking can be a great idea to kill time and enjoy your days.

Children camping

This is for those parents who are very occupied, sending kids over to children camping trips organized by schools and other institutes can be great. Both you and your kids can enjoy your part of holidays and work simultaneously.

So, these are my list of useful tricks to help you and your child enjoy this summer breaks.


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