7 Expert Tips: Content Marketing Explained By A Professional

7 Expert Tips: Content Marketing Explained By A Professional

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on January 14, 2021
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Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing high value and relevant content with the view of attracting a clearly defined audience to a business. The ultimate goal of content marketing is to drive profitable customer action. The marketing sphere has become quite competitive within the last few years. In fact, traditional marketing approaches are not that effective and affordable in this day and age. That is where a novel approach such as content distribution comes in handy. Blatant advertising doesn’t work anymore as it used to work in the past.

Today’s customer wants more information before he or she could decide to buy a product or service. The best way to offer information about your product or service is to use various forms of content distribution. The right marketing approach can influence the buying decision of the potential customer. That is why you should use an effective content marketing strategy for your business. This article provides information on content marketing and its many advantages to your business.

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Content is all the stuff that a business would create in order to communicate with its potential audience. Content marketing can take many forms such as website content, video content, infographics, blogs, podcasts, images, case studies, and email marketing. On the other hand, it could take the form of serious to funny and everything in between. It gives your business the opportunity to become an authority in the industry. People prefer to buy from a trustworthy business and content marketing will improve the trustworthiness of your business. That is why you should be implementing an effective content marketing strategy for your business without delay. The more you delay to implement such a strategy, the more your competition will take advantage of the situation. There are many forms of content out there. Here are some of the most popular and effective content distribution methods used by businesses in this day and age.

Types Of Content Marketing

Although there are many forms of content distribution methods available today, a business should focus on using the most effective form of marketing based on their customer personas and unique selling propositions. A reputable content marketing firm such as Scott Keever SEO can help you decide on the best marketing strategy depending on these factors. That is why you should be using an expert team to devise the right content distribution strategy for your business. Here are some of the popular types of content marketing strategies out there.

Email Marketing – Email marketing is one of the most popular as well as effective marketing strategies used by millions of business entities out there. It has been successfully used for many decades by numerous business entities on the market. The right email content can help capture your brand narrative and sell your product or service without “selling” it.

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Website Or Blog Content – Web and blog content are some of the best methods of approaching your potential customers. The right type of promotional method will improve your rankings on the search engines and help attract the right customers to your business. A website or blog that ranks on the first page of Google will attract more than 65% of the traffic for a particular key phrase. On the other hand, the sites that rank on the top positions of a search engine are more trustworthy in the eyes of the visitor. Customers prefer to buy from a trustworthy site than a business that they have never heard of. That is why you should be using an effective content marketing strategy to improve the rankings of your website or blog and take your business to the next level.

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Video Marketing – The internet is becoming quite video-centric today. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. On the other hand, Google owns YouTube. That is why you should be taking advantage of video marketing before its too late. Video content will increase customer engagement over time. This is very important to improve your sales and conversions in the long run. Although there are many types of videos out there, explainer videos are the best to increase customer engagement and improve the visibility of your brand. On the other hand, testimonial videos are highly effective for companies that need social proof to close deals. Don’t forget to work with a professional content marketing agency such as Scott Keever SEO for all your video marketing strategies.

Highly Effective Content Marketing Tips For Your Business

If you are wondering how you could create and distribute high-quality content, you should continue reading the article. In fact, high-quality content is important to ensure that your customer moves through the purchasing funnel faster. How your business use content marketing is key to the success of your business. Here are some of the most effective content marketing strategies for your business.

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Make An Effective Content Marketing Plan – It is important that you set-up a plan from day one when developing an effective content marketing strategy for your business. First, you should decide on your content goals and where you would like to utilize the existing resources. Make sure that you identify the weakness in your sales funnel and devote content to improve the performance in this area.

Choosing The Right Content For Your Business – Your content should be able to effectively speak to your customer. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to content distribution. In fact, you should speak to your customer the way he or she would like to be spoken to. On the other hand, you should have an idea about how and when to speak to the potential customer. Content is an intimate way your customers interact with your brand. Hence, it should be done with purpose and care.

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Distributing Your Content – Even the best content is of no use if you don’t choose the right distribution channels. Make sure that you amplify the content using social media channels, syndication, press, and paid channels. Consider engaging a PPC agency to help you optimize your marketing mix. 


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