7 Foods That Help To Prevent Diabetes

7 Foods That Help To Prevent Diabetes

By The Times of India on July 17, 2014
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Diabetes isn’t known as a silent killer just for kicks. The growing number of people falling prey to this metabolic disease has raised quite an alarm worldwide.

Being overweight, leading a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and consumption of high calorie, sugary and fatty foods are the reasons that give rise to this lifestyle ailment.

Here’s a list of foods that help in preventing diabetes.

1. Turmeric


Studies claim that curcumin, a compound found in turmeric may help delay if not prevent diabetes. There more research to be done in order to determine the long-term effects of turmeric. However, early result show promise.

2. Strawberries

Strawberry The Trent


Strawberries look and taste delicious. So there’s no reason why you should not eat them regularly. Scientists are of the opinion that consuming strawberries helps activate a protein in the body which reduces LDL cholesterol and blood lipids. Both these things play a factor in the development of diabetes. Also, scientists who conducted experiments on mice found that consuming strawberries is beneficial in lowering blood glucose levels.

3. Cheese and yogurt

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By this we mean low-fat cheese and yogurt. Experts believe that the healthy bacteria found in these fermented dairy products are responsible for this healthy beneficial side-effect.

4. Red wine

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Surprise surprise! Resveratrol, a compound present in red wine helps in improving the function of blood sugar by regulating the hormone insulin. However, there’s no reason to get sloshed. Drinking in moderation is the key.

5. Cinnamon

Honey-Cinnamon Banana Bread Pudding The Trent

Cinnamon has numerous health benefits. It helps in lowering fasting blood glucose. Also, it is known to lower triglyceride levels, LDL cholesterol and improve insulin sensitivity too. Sprinkle some powdered cinnamon in your coffee or toast.

6. Apples

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Anthocyanin, a compound is found in abundance in apples, which helps in regulating blood sugar levels.

7. Spinach

Spinach Mushroom Omelet (Photo Credit: T. Marzetti Company)
Spinach Mushroom Omelet
(Photo Credit: T. Marzetti Company)

Spinach is rich in many nutrients which makes it so healthy. A British study showed that consuming spinach daily cuts down the risk of diabetes by 14%.

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