7 Hints To Master The Basics Of Stacking Coupon Codes Online

7 Hints To Master The Basics Of Stacking Coupon Codes Online

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on September 21, 2018
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If you are cautious about your spending, you must be aware of coupon codes. They come in form of promo and discount codes. Most of these codes are offered by major online stores and they are meant to help you save on your spending. Some manufacturers also offer coupon codes for specific products.

Now try to imagine adding the store’s coupon codes to the manufacturer’s codes. In the end, what you pay is significantly small since you are using two codes. This is what coupon stacking is all about – the freedom to use two sets of coupons (the manufacturer’s and the store’s) on a single product.

Like any other activity, the art of coupon stacking requires a few tricks, and here are 7 tips that you can apply:

Use the Internet Well

There are so many sites for coupon codes that you can visit.There are so many deals to compare and pick on the site depending on what you want to stack.

Understand the Coupon Policy

Before you stack the coupons, you should read and understand their policies. Some stores are very particular about the kind of coupons that you can use. Always practice to double-read the policy and don’t apply guesswork.

Create Matchups for Your manufacturer Coupon

Remember, you are only allowed to use the manufacturer coupon just once on a particular item.  In this case, you should try to search store coupons that complement it. Once you identify the items, add them to your stack.

Start with One Online Store

It’s tempting to take all deals possible but this is not always a good idea. Each store has its own tricks for coupon stacking. You should take the time to analyze different stores. Remember, it takes patience to learn the art of coupon stacking.

Know the Store Prices

How will you know that the coupon deal is a bargain? The price has to be lower than what other buyers (without coupons) are paying and by a significant margin. To compare the prices, you may find it necessary to visit the other stores and check the prices for the item.

Pick Codes with Sales

Inasmuch as clearance prices offer a good pick for a stack, you shouldn’t overlook products with good prices. You can always use the coupons on them, keeping in mind that you are allowed to use up to two coupons on one item in a store.

Add Deals to Your Stack

Lastly, since it’s often allowed to add offers such as gift cards, gas rewards, and bonuses to a coupon stack, you should do just that. You’ll be able to save more on the double coupons plus the offer than what you would save on the coupons only.

Clearly, coupon stacking is not a straightforward process. It requires the understanding of the codes and how to use them the right way. It begins by observing the above 7 basics. They’ll help you save a lot on your next online purchases.


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