7 New Trends That Are Reshaping iGaming Industry in 2022

7 New Trends That Are Reshaping iGaming Industry in 2022

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The iGaming industry has gone through a lot of changes in recent years. Many of them have been beneficial to the industry and to investors that are trying to make money from it. These changes have been a long time coming and they are a product of both the tech shift and a change in the mindset. 

Some of these trends are passing and they won’t leave that much of a mark on the industry while others are here to stay and they show how the industry will change.

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Cryptocurrencies have changed a lot of different industries and that’s the case with bitcoin gambling as well. More and more casinos and players are accepting this method of payment alongside the others. Some casinos are accepting only Bitcoin as a payment method but those are rare. 

It’s important for casinos to stay on top of these trends so that they can invite and welcome new players. Tech-savvy players that are involved in the world of finance are good customers for a casino and the benefits of using cryptocurrency work very well with the needs of the players.

Going Mobile

One of the biggest trends in the world of gaming that has been around for years is the move to mobile. This is because the tech has become better and almost everyone has a mobile device that they can use for gambling. It opens up a wide market that was untapped just a few years ago. 

Things are changing in terms of what kind of games can be played on a mobile device. The quality of both the graphics and gameplay are getting better and the games that you can enjoy on a mobile device are getting better. 

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Younger Players

A new generation of players has become important to the iGaming market. Those are the players that are used to online gaming and that are used to gaming on their mobile devices as well. These players are always a part of an online community and they are rather tech-savvy. 

The marketing and the overall attitude of the industry are oriented toward this part of the market. Now it has disposable income and they will drive the changes in the gaming industry in the years to come. It’s the first generation that has grown up with this tech and finds it a common part of their lives.

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Players use Oculus virtual reality headseats at the Paris Games Week show on November 1, 2014 in Paris. | AFP/Joel/Saget/Getty Images

VR and AR

Virtual and augmented reality are the biggest new trends in the gaming world as well as in the world of social media. This is especially important when it comes to casinos since those can play a big role in mimicking the look and feel of going into a casino.

Since young players are looking for ways to play and gamble without having to go to a casino – this technology will play a big role in making that happen. The improvements in tech are pretty notable already. 

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In-Game Payments

This part of the industry isn’t new. In-game purchases and micro-purchases have been around for a long time. Now they are becoming more important and more profitable for the industry. That’s because there’s a larger market for them and the purchases are easier to make. 

Many games are now being constructed with these micropayments in mind. The games have a base version which can then be endlessly improved with micropayments and added layers. It allows the developers to earn from a game long after it has been released and after it has made a base of players.

New Regulations

All of these changes that we mentioned have brought in changes in law and legislation as well.  That’s because there are more players and they have more money to spend and the governments need to react and create a framework within which new types of gaming can develop.

The main points of such regulations would be to make sure that the players are as anonymous online as they can be and that the transactions are made quickly and with a clear trace. In Europe in particular there’s also a great deal of concern about online harassment in the world of gaming. 

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Gamification of Non-Gaming Activities

This is an interesting trend that has affected the gaming industry even though it didn’t come out of it. The process is about turning the day-to-day activity into small games that have achievable goals to increase productivity.  That way you can improve your standing within a small mobile game, by watering your plants or keeping up with your skin-care routine.

These microgames are becoming more prevalent and more thought is being put into them in terms of design and aesthetics. It’s a new but growing market that could mean a lot in the years to come.

Which Of These Trends Are Here to Stay

It’s never easy to say which trends are long-term and which aren’t. Sometimes there’s a trend that seems like a new and breakthrough event but it’s just a fad. The opposite can happen as well, with new trends that seem silly but strike a chord with the players and stick around. 

It’s also not easy to say which of such trends are the ones on our list. Some of them are a product of long-term changes, such as the rise of tech needed to play the games as well as the rise of cryptocurrency payments. Chances are they are most important. 


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