7 Relationship Follies To Swear By To Build A Deep Relationship

7 Relationship Follies To Swear By To Build A Deep Relationship

Rebecca Jurgensen, Barbie Adler, Charles J. Orlando

Relationships are tricky tells everyone and it takes efforts from both, honest communication and willingness to let bygones be bygones. But if you have hit the rough patch and seems like your significant other is sabotaging the relationship then it’s time to take a break. Break not from the relationship but the underlying issue, negative discussions, and cribbing to just relax. Get on the plan and go out for a weekend to stop listening to the constant chattering of the mind and unwind or just take your partner for dinner using codes from Bydiscountcodes.co.uk. If none of this works then it’s time to introspect and change the negative patterns that are tarnishing your relationship like:

Stop Digital Stalking: Apps has undoubtedly connected people but it has also led to intruding in the personal space. Now people can easily access each other’s social networking sites or messengers and know about the whereabouts. This leads to suffocation and fights revolving around not talking while online or complementing a frenemy, etc.

Replace interrogation with discussion: How often couples ask each other: Where are you? Why are you talking to him/her? Why are you so late? This constant interrogation results in frustration and the room for light-hearted discussion or romance is closed. How about if we stop asking mundane questions and actually have a stimulating or intellectual discussion? It will not only add spark in a relationship but also lightens the mood.

Remove judgment glasses: Love is all about being unconditional and total acceptance so why judge? It is important to accept your significant other with their flaws and imperfection because if you want to customize your partner according to your checklist then it will only result in break up.

Cooperate rather than compete: Stop keeping score that how many times you were right and how many times was your partner wrong. Nobody wants to be constantly reminded of their failure or loopholes. Rather than competing learn to cooperate and practice compassion with your partner. It will help them open up and be transparent with you and will also make your relationships deep.

Complaining and venting: Ok! So your partner could not take out time for you this weekend or wasn’t supportive. Does that mean you should start complaining? He might be going through his own challenges or might have a rough week, so replace complaining or blaming with communicating and let them know what you need and vice versa. Venting will only suffocate them and keep them at arms distance.

Lying and making excuses: A lie is like a plague, once it creeps in a relationship, it will destroy the relationship. Be honest with your partner and stop giving excuses or justifications as after a certain period it will fall on deaf ears.

Keeping in a grey area: Worst of all. Do not keep your partner in a grey year and let them guess. If you are perplexed and not sure about the future of the relationship then talk to them and be honest rather than leave them quietly.


When you don’t know what positive enforcement is necessary for your relationship then start eliminating the negative ones. It will not only make a safe love nest but will also help your partner you grow and open up.


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