7 Efficient Tips On How To Mop Your Floors

7 Efficient Tips On How To Mop Your Floors

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The unclean house never accepted by any person especially the women’s because they put a lot of hours to clean the house, and suddenly the children come and create the dirt again. If you’re are dealing with the same situation so the sponge mop is a way to clean your house in a short time.

A sponge mop is lightweight and best mop to clean the dirt easily. It comes in various features and other self- mechanisms. It is a powerful tool to clean in seconds even it can be assessed by a child as well. There is no matter what is the floor type you can easily use it for every ideal cleaning to get the clean and healthy floor. To know more of sponge mop you can visit the housewire’s guide.

We all know that cleaning your house how much important. It creates the hygiene level of your body and even protects your body from harmful infections and diseases. To keep your house clean you have to get information on the right steps which you should do with a sponge mop.

1. Always choose the mop according to your floor type

It is a really important factor that you should consider before buying a mop. In any case, if you use the wrong mop for your floor it may be uncleansed the floor, make it slippery, and looked dirty. Well, I know it is very time-consuming to invest your multiple hours in searching single mop. So, why not you should go with Sponge mop? It works well on all the floors and you do not need to worry about anything because of its leaves smooth and hygienic texture of your floor.

2. Change water constantly

In every house, the different mopping methods are used, but the most common are filling the bucket or using the sink for a mop cleanse. It does not matter which method you are using, but always make sure that you are changing the water constantly. This means whenever you’re going to clean the house make sure you change the water for mop in the next room because that is full of mud, dirt and unclean. And please do not rely on mopping again and again in a single room to get proper finish it would be done if you do very seriously in a first attempt.

3. Always dig and wring out properly

In the present time, mopping becoming easy for the ladies because wringing buckets are coming together which makes easy for the woman to wring out the mop clearly, but sometimes women neglect, and can’t drainage the water properly so make sure that you wring out mop perfectly, and leave it on the floor easily.

4. Use a straight method

Well, mopping also needs some perfection as like making a food. Suppose you are standing and starting your mop so always make sure you are going through a top to bottom because that gives your floor proper finish. If you are using sponge mop you should go with a straight line that gives your floor proper cleanse and even make easy for you to clean the house quickly.

5. Always dry the floor well

It is very important. If you want proper finish you have to make sure you dried the floor completely after mopping. The fan is a great choice to dry the floor, and always off the fan when you feel the floor is parched.

6. Use rag or paper towel for corners

The most difficult part is to clean the corners because it never be cleaned by the mop so you can use rag or paper towel according to your choice to erase the stains and dirt from it. Please pick the towels according to your floor type because that maybe spoils the floor quality.

7. Use mop daily

It generally depends on the floor type whether you need daily clean or not. According to the hygienic level, you should clean the floor daily because that will maintain the hygienic level of your house, and to protect it from the harmful infections. It also creates a safe environment for your children to play and Pick any one thing from the floor.

Some useful tips you should keep in your mind to make your house perfectly clean
  • Use always pests killing acids while mopping.
  • Always store all dirt in one place.
  • Choose the best type of mop.
  • Don’t wring out mop outside.
  • Always clean your mop before using.
  • Keep whole things in order.
  • Always choose the best cleaner for your floor type.
  • Always use manufacturer’s instructions what type of Cleaner and mop you should use to make your floor good in condition.

I hope this article will help to give your floor better cleaning.


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