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7 Tips To Becoming A Great Kisser

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When I was little, I was terrified of kissing. ‘I won’t know what to do,’ I worried. But then I had my first kiss and more or less figured it out. Now, after fifteen years of smooching, I’ve realized seven things that add up to a great kiss. Weigh in (and add your own kissing tips) after the jump!

1.) Make your lips super soft. Before you kiss, brush your lips with your toothbrush and then apply Chapstick. Then, right before you kiss, lick your lips.

2.) Slooooow down. When I’m nervous, I get chatty, but rapid-fire conversation is the fastest way to ruin a romantic moment. So just slow down. Stop talking. Give him a subtle smile. Move closer. Look in his eyes. Count his blinks. Just be. Voila! Suddenly you’ll find that it’s the perfect moment for a kiss.

3.) Mix it up. When you start kissing, ease into it. You basically can’t go too slowly, so just enjoy the moment. And as you continue kissing, shake it up by alternating between slow and fast, hard and soft, little pecks and deeper kisses, closed mouth and French kisses

4.) Let your hands roam. We talked about where we put our hands during kisses (mine shoot right to Alex’s cheeks!) but it’s great to move your hands while you smooch. Run your fingers through his hair, put your hands on his face, rub his shoulders, pull his shirt towards you and, as things heat up, press the small of his back toward you (so sexy!)

5.) Kiss his jawline. Don’t ask me why, but guys love love love to be kissed on the jawline. Kiss along his jaw all the way to the end, near his ear. Trust me, he will freak out.

6.) Breathe on his skin. There’s nothing sexier than being close enough to feel your crush’s breath, so as you kiss his neck or cheek or ears, breath gently on his skin. It adds a certain intimacy that takes the kiss to a new level.

7.) Finish off sweetly. When the kiss is over, keep your eyes shut for an extra second, then slowly open them and smile. This will not only lengthen the schmoopy experience for you, but will also show him that you’re truly into the kiss–and into him.

What about you, my dears? What do you love most about kissing? What’s your favorite part of a kiss? What special kissing techniques do you have? I’d love to hear…xoxo SWAK!

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